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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 394 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 394 Start

Wendy dressed up very beautifully today. She is wearing a black hip skirt worth 100,000. Not only did she show the curves of her body, she also deliberately showed the career line on her chest, and she also painted heavy makeup on her face.

Although she is much worse than Claire, Warnia and other women, after being well-dressed, coupled with revealing clothes, she can still make most men feel impatient.

She was even a little excited when she heard that she was coming to see the young master of the Wei family.

Although the Wei family is not a top family in Aurous Hill, it is still much stronger than the Willson family.

Now that the Willson family is lonely, Wendy also hopes that she can get to know more wealthy people. If she finds a good opportunity, she may be able to bring some improvement to the family.

After the two waited in the box for a while, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open.

A middle-aged man in an Armani suit walked in. The man combed his head and looked wretched. He also carried a Patek Geraldippe watch on his wrist.

Behind him, followed by a man carrying a bag, about one or two years younger than him, looking like an assistant.

Fredmen stood up, smiled and said, “Oh, brother Wei, sit inside.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said to Fredmen: “Fredmen, you are a very busy man. You used to come to Aurous Hill for a long time. Why suddenly you have time to ask me? It really flattered me, my little brother!”

As he said, he saw Wendy beside Fredmen, and his eyes lit up suddenly.

So he smiled and said to Fredmen: “I said Mr. Willson, who is this beauty? You don’t introduce her to your brother.”

Fredmen pulled Wendy over and said with a smile: “Come on, brother Wei, let me introduce to you. This is my niece, Wendy.”

“It turns out to be President Willson’s niece, no wonder she is so beautiful.”

When Wei heard this, he smiled and nodded, a greedy look flashed in his eyes, and he reached out to Wendy and said, “Miss Willson, lucky to to meet you!”

Fredmen said to Wendy: “Wendy, this is Barena Wei, the general manager of Weijia Pharmaceutical. Weijia Pharmaceutical is a well-known pharmaceutical company in Aurous Hill, and it is very powerful.”

Wendy also hurriedly shook hands with the other party, and said: “Hello, Mr. Wei!”

Barena Wei greedily touched Wendy’s hands twice, then took off his coat and threw it to the man dressed as an assistant behind him.

The assistant missed one, and his jacket fell to the ground.

Barena Wei’s eyes flashed with a look of disgust, and he glared at him and cursed: “Rubbish! This little thing can’t be done!”

“Sorry, brother, it’s all my fault…Don’t be angry.” The man’s face was pale, he quickly picked up his jacket and wiped the dust off.

He didn’t say it, but Barena Wei became even more upset when he said this. He walked to the front and slapped him and said coldly, “Liang Wei, how many times have I said that you were born and raised by a mounter? [email protected], there is no right to call me eldest brother, get out and wait for me.”

Liang Wei was slapped, but he didn’t dare to refute, as if he had been used to it, he nodded humbly and said, “I know that big brother.”

After speaking, he hurried out of the box.

“What a disappointment, d*mn it!”

Barena Wei said something cursively, Fredmen on the side said curiously, “Brother Wei, is this your Rubbish brother?”

Barena Wei said coldly: “It’s just a wild species, not my brother!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Wendy greedily, smiled and asked, “Ms. Wendy is so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?”