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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3938 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3938 Start

Martina had already admired her own lady’s free play of the ceiling to the point of admiration.

No one knew the real situation better than her. In fact, before last night, Stella didn’t even know Kelly West.

However, just because she had studied her homework in advance last night, she is now talking with Claire about Kelly West, and it is completely at her fingertips.

The good thing is that she had asked the public relations department of the Fei family to contact Kelly West in advance yesterday.

And Kelly West has done interior design for many wealthy people around the world and can be called the royal designer of the top tycoons.

So she also likes to make friends with powerful people.

Moreover, the level of the Fei family is completely different from those rich people whose names can be found on the Forbes list.

Like this top family, the ordinary people outside have no way to know, only those who can reach a certain segment.

Only those who know the existence of a behemoth like the Fei family.

Kelly West learned that the Fei family’s first lady is interested in befriending her, naturally.

She did not hesitate to agree, and gave a promise last night, as long as Stella needs her, say the word she will drop all the work in hand and immediately fly over to see her.

This is the use of money.

Just like those ordinary people dream to see a star, it is likely that a netizen to come up with a few million appearance fee, the star will personally fly over to celebrate the netizen’s birthday and sing for them.

This, too, is the use of money.

So, Martina immediately went back to her room and made a phone call to Kelly West.

As soon as the phone call came through, she spoke directly: “Hello Miss West, this is Miss Fei’s assistant Martina Chen.”

As soon as Kelly heard this, she said respectfully, “Hello, Miss Chen! May I ask what is Miss Fei’s requirement?”

Martina said, “Our lady would like to invite you to come to China, what time is convenient for you?”

Kelly said without hesitation, “I’m available anytime, it’s okay for me to leave now!”

Martina then said, “Then how about this, you will leave in twelve hours and arrive in Aurous Hill at this time tomorrow, what do you think?”

“No problem!” Kelly said without thinking, “Please tell Miss Fei that I will make preparations and arrive in Aurous Hill in 24 hours!”

Martina instructed again, “Our lady needs to cooperate, in front of others, must pretend to know her long time ago and have a good personal relationship, this you must remember well, do not make a mess.”

“Please rest assured!” Kelly said firmly: “Miss Chen only need to tell me, what are the specific need for me to remember,”

“And also if you want to pretend to know with Miss Fei long ago, then is it necessary to make up a little story,”

“If Miss Chen you have there already made up a tableau, please send me a copy, I will make myself familiar with it in advance.”

Martina then said, “Don’t worry about this, I will write the text as soon as possible and send it to you by email, you can get familiar with it during the twelve hours you fly to China!”

“No problem!” Kelly immediately said, “I will send my email address to you later, and please give me a reply when you receive it.”


Soon, Kelly sent an email address to Martina, who replied with an OK and immediately went back to Stella’s presidential suite.

Once she entered the living room, she smiled and said to Stella, “Miss, I have already communicated with Ms. West, she was in a very happy mood when she heard that you invited her to China,”

“And she also said that she would come over at the fastest time, and she expected to arrive at Aurous Hill at this time tomorrow.”

When Claire heard this, her whole body was already dumbfounded!

She did not expect that Kelly West, as the top lady of the whole interior design field, would directly decide to come to Aurous Hill under a single phone call from Stella’s assistant, which indeed made her a bit unbelievable.

After all, Kelly West was Claire’s biggest idol, and Claire never thought that she would have the chance to meet her.

However, Stella’s assistant made a phone call and her dream was about to come true!