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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3937 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3937 Start

Stella said, “The reason why I bought this house is not mainly for my own residence, but for my grandfather to live more conveniently when he will come back to Aurous Hill to retire.”

Saying that, she added: “Therefore, the decoration of the house, certainly can’t adopt the very fashionable style of Kelly, the old man certainly can’t accept it.”

“And as you know, the older people like my grandfather is, the older he is, the more nostalgic and obsessed he is with his homeland and traditional culture,”

“So I would prefer that the villa be decorated with more of our unique traditional style.”

“It would be even better if it could incorporate some of the local style and characteristics of Aurous Hill.”

“And this demand of mine can’t be satisfied by Kelly in any way.”

When she heard Stella’s words, Claire finally came to a realization.

She had never seen Stella before, and she had only spoken to her assistant Martina about the decoration of the house.

So she did not know what Stella’s intention was in buying this villa.

But now that she heard Stella say so, she immediately understood in her heart.

So, she hurriedly said: “Miss Zhan you are right, the elderly actually prefer Chinese style more, Western modernist style is concerned about the mix and match of various materials,”

“But Chinese style pays most attention to woodwork, like my father is particularly obsessed with the old Chinese furniture, at home there is a set of yellow pear sofa, he has to polish seven or eight times a day, he likes it very much.”

“Right!” Stella also seems to have found a soulmate, said: “My grandfather is also the same! Likes rosewood, likes mahogany, likes huanghuali and incense,”

“And also especially likes traditional Chinese cultural games, it seems that the bones can’t be forgotten anywhere.”

“Yes.” Claire nodded very seriously, and then sighed: “Before I thought that your villa is mainly for self-occupation, so the rough scheme I thought in my head was basically a more modern and younger style,”

“But now I basically understand your needs, your villa, if all adopt Chinese decoration, should also be very atmospheric!”

“And Chinese decoration should show simple atmosphere at the same time, low-key and calm, the elderly will also like it.”

Stella said approvingly, “That’s right, simple and atmospheric, low-key and calm, that’s my requirement for the villa design, Ms. Willson’s summary is really too precise.”

She smiled slightly and said, “You see, for this kind of requirement, only local designers in China can understand and put these requirements into practice,”

“Foreign designers can’t even understand them, so it’s definitely not feasible for them to handle the design. style, then I really want to be scolded to death by my grandfather!”

Claire nodded and said, “Miss Zhan don’t worry, I will do my best to give you a set of sketches according to the Chinese style,”

“Then you can see if the general direction and style can satisfy you, if so, I will continue to deepen, if not, I will modify it as soon as possible.”

“Good!” Stella nodded without hesitation and smiled, “Martina showed me some of Ms. Willson’s design works, I personally appreciate them very much, so I also believe that Ms. Willson’s strength will not let me down!”

Claire said awkwardly, “My design works, most of them are some very small projects, they really can’t make it to the stage here with you ……”

Stella seriously said, “As the saying goes, small is big, small projects are also very important, so I believe you.”

Saying that Stella raised her eyebrows at her again and said with a big meaning, “By the way Ms. Willson, if you really like Kelly,”

“When she comes, make sure to seize the opportunity to ask her more about the design style she is good at, it will definitely help you a lot.”

“Yes!” As soon as Stella mentioned Kelly, Claire’s mood surged up again.

So, she asked Stella with some impatience, “Miss Fei, at the risk of asking, when do you plan to invite Ms. West to Aurous Hill?”

Stella smiled, “Then of course the sooner the better.”

After saying that, she looked at Martina and said, “Martina, I still have to entertain Ms. Willson, please call Kelly for me first and ask her to come over as soon as possible if she has time.”