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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3936 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3936 Start

Claire said awkwardly, “Ms. Zhan is joking, Ms. West is the most admired idol of female designers around the world, I am just a pupil in this field,”

“How can I have any chance to cross paths with her …… I’m just her avid fan ……”

Stella winked at Claire and said, “Ms. Willson, to be honest, I have a good personal relationship with Kelly West, if you want to get to know her, I can help you make a connection.”

“What?!” When Claire heard this, her whole body was dumbfounded and exclaimed, “Ms. Zhan, you …… You are not joking with me, right?”

“You …… Do you really know Kelly West? That Kelly West who is known as Interior Design Queen?”

Stella laughed, “How could I joke with you like that, I do have a very good personal relationship with her, and I just extended an invitation to her two days ago to come to China some time to see and play.”

Claire suddenly became excited and hastily inquired, “Miss Zhan, then Ms. West she …… has she agreed?”

“Agreed.” Stella said with a smile, “She is already coordinating the time and said she will come over as soon as possible,”

“It just so happens that she has not been to China and is very interested in it.”

Claire asked her with a longing face, “Miss Zhan …… I have an unrequited request, I don’t know if you can ……”

Stella looked at her and smiled, “Ms. Willson, do you want to meet Kelly?”

“Yes!” Claire did not expect that Stella had instantly said what she wanted in her heart, and asked excitedly and apprehensively, “Ms. Fei, is it possible?”

“Of course!” Stella agreed without hesitation and smiled, “It just so happens that I am not too familiar with Aurous Hill,”

“After she comes, I am afraid that I will not be able to do the job of a guide, not to mention her,”

“I myself desperately need a guide to show me more about the customs of Aurous Hill, so if Ms. Willson is willing, then the three of us can move together on a regular basis.”

When Claire heard these words, her whole body was already excited to the point of trembling a little.

This is different from the mentality of going to see Sara’s concert, she likes Sara, more based on her musical works, and likes her from the perspective of appreciation.

But she likes Kelly West based on her extreme admiration for her in the professional field.

Therefore, she was more excited to meet Kelly than to see Sara’s concert, and she was looking forward to it.

So, almost without thinking, she asked offhandedly, “Miss Zhan …… Can I really be a guide for you and Ms. West?!”

Stella said with a serious face, “Being a guide is secondary, being a friend is the most important thing.”

When Claire heard this, she was even more excited to the point of no additional, and her heart was overflowing with gratitude for Stella.

However, she suddenly thought of a question and couldn’t help but feel puzzled and asked Stella: “Miss Zhan, since you know Ms. West and have such a good personal relationship,”

“Why did you choose me to do the decoration design for your villa? Ms. West’s strength is countless times stronger than mine, in front of her, I’m afraid I can’t even be considered as a class actor ……”

Stella shook her head seriously and said, “Ms. Willson, you must not be so presumptuous, Kelly naturally has her powerful place,”

“But it does not mean that you are not as good as her in all aspects.”

After that, Stella added: “In fact, after listening to your general advice on a direction,”

“I wanted to tell you about a situation that I overlooked before and didn’t give you feedback in time, and you just happened to mention Kelly, so the topic got sidetracked.”

Claire said, “What is the situation?”