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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3935 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3935 Start

Stella suddenly took the initiative to say hello, which immediately made Claire somewhat flattered.

She hurriedly said humbly, “Miss Zhan you are really too polite, I am just an ordinary person, how can I have any fame to speak of ……”

Stella laughed, “I always hear Martina talk about you, she speaks highly of you.”

Saying that, she hurriedly greeted Claire to the meeting area and said with a smile, “Ms. Willson, let’s sit down and talk.”

“Good.” Claire nodded and followed Stella to the meeting area to sit down.

As soon as she sat down, Stella casually ordered Martina, “Martina, go prepare two cups of coffee.”

After saying that, she asked Claire, “What kind of coffee would Ms. Willson like to drink?”

“I only have a capsule coffee machine here, so please don’t take offense if I am a little bit slow.”

Claire hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Miss Zhan, you don’t have to go to such trouble, I don’t drink anything ……”

Stella nodded slightly, and then smiled and said to Martina, “Martina, go prepare two lattes, and by the way, pour Ms. Willson a cup of warm water.”

Claire still wanted to politely decline, but Stella did not wait for her to open her mouth, then went straight to the point and said,

“Ms. Willson, Martina said you want to discuss your design needs with me, and I’ve been thinking about meeting with you, so let’s get right to it!”

Claire had to nod and said, “Okay Ms. Zhan, you wait a moment.”

With that, she took out her notepad and neutral pen and asked Stella, “Miss Zhan, do you have any personal preference for the overall design style of this villa?”

Stella pondered for a moment and smiled, “I don’t really have any ideas about this, and would prefer to hear Ms. Willson’s opinions and suggestions.”

Claire nodded and said, “Ms. Zhan, I have thought carefully over the past two days, the area of your villa is relatively large, and your personal budget is very sufficient,”

“So I personally recommend the most popular luxury style in Europe and the United States these years, plus you are relatively young,”

“The overall can also adopt a more bold color system, using the French and Italian pre-modernism, the style is more inclined to Kelly West.”

“Kelly West?” Stella raised her eyebrows and smiled, curiously inquiring, “Ms. Willson is more partial to the design style of Kelly West?”

Claire said with an adoring face, “I’m not going to hide it from you, Ms. Zhan, Kelly West is my personal favorite designer,”

“There is no one, I’ve been following her design works for ten years, every design plan is ingenious and amazing!”

Stella smiled and nodded, before last night, she didn’t even know what Kelly West did.

However, after last night’s update, she was impressed by the name Kelly West.

Because, this Kelly West, is now recognized all over the world, the world’s top female designer, known as the Queen of Design,

This person is most adept at the design of interior spaces, has taken over several design projects all over the world are perfect, and has always been the darling of the fashion world.

She is the top stream in the field of interior design today, as long as she designed the work, will certainly become a global well-known pop.

But also become the object of thousands of fans, a number of high-end luxury hotels around the world because of the use of her design, business is so good that a room is difficult to find all year round.

Because she had done her homework in advance, Stella said with a smile, “I really didn’t expect that Ms. Willson would be so fond of Kelly West, I wonder if Ms. Willson has any personal acquaintance with her?”