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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3932 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3932 Start

Martina was slightly stunned, then immediately understood her motive, and quickly asked, “Miss, do you want to prepare some common topics with Ms. Willson in advance for tomorrow’s meeting with her?”

“More than that.” Stella seriously said, “After you pull out the Top20 list, and then ask the PR team in the United States to confirm the appearance fees of these 20 people,”

“Then no matter which one of these 20 people Claire admires, you have to make sure that you can invite this person over here, and also make sure that after this person comes, she will cooperate with me to do whatever I say!”

Martina said without hesitation, “Miss, don’t worry, I will do it tonight overtime!”

Stella nodded and instructed, “First, prepare the list and information and send it to me, I want to get familiar with it in advance.”

Martina said respectfully, “Yes, Miss, I’ll prepare it for you as soon as possible, do you have any other orders?”

Stella waved her hand and said, “Nothing else, you go to work!”


Although Stella is not a core figure in the Fei family, but because of the blessing of the old man, her authority in the family is not small.

She has the right to deploy all kinds of information channels of the family, and if she wanted any information.

The information channels of the Fei family would definitely give priority to serve her.

Therefore, Martina quickly sent the list of the top 20 interior designers recognized worldwide, as well as the detailed information of each of them to Stella.

She read the list word by word on her tablet for several hours until 4:30 am, when she finally finished reading it, set an alarm for 8:00 am, and went to sleep peacefully.

At eight o’clock in the morning, after she got up, she immediately confirmed with Martina.

Claire’s company works at eight in the morning, so Martina was already ready to go out.

Stella also simply ate some breakfast sent into the room, and then began to wash and do make-up, put on delicate makeup for herself.

And changed into a celebrity style beige seven-point sleeve blouse with a medium-length h!p skirt of the same color.

This dress is not ostentatious, but because Stella figure and temperament are excellent, so gives people a noble and competent visual effect.

At this moment, Claire just arrived at her company and sat in her office.

Just after reaching the office, she immediately opened the computer and continued the work she did not finish last night.

What she has to do now is to draw out the structure and specific parameters of Stella’s house in the drawing software.

And also to confirm where the parts of the building design can be demolished and changed, and where it cannot be moved.

After doing this, she can start to produce the first version of the design sketch.

Of course, before making the sketch, she has one more very important thing, that is, she has to touch base with the A party about the design requirements.

In Claire’s view, a designer’s greatest professionalism is not to design a magnificent or whimsical space, but to respect the needs of the client.

It’s like a certain incident that exploded on the internet some time ago, where a grandfather living in the countryside took out millions of dollars to ask a designer to design and build a set of two-storey houses.

But the designer had to make the grandfather’s house, which was already in the countryside, into a more purely rural style.

Even if the designer wants to use a project to highlight his strength, it must be based on absolute respect for the needs of the party.

Otherwise, it becomes the use of other people’s houses and other people’s money, to complete their own preferences and ambitions, in this industry will certainly be despised.

Therefore, Claire felt that she had to meet with that Miss Zhan to understand her design needs before she made the draft.

At this moment, a young female designer from her company knocked on her office door and said, “Sister Claire, Miss Chen from the party of the Water Cloud Villa project is here, saying she is looking for you for something.”

Claire said, “Quickly invite her in!”