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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3931 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3931 Start

When Stella wrapped her delicate figure into a bathrobe and came out of the bathroom, she immediately called her assistant Martina and ordered,

“Martina, come to my room for a moment.”

Martina immediately replied respectfully, “Miss, wait a moment, I’ll be right over.”

A few moments later, Stella heard the sound of the doorbell coming from the door.

So, she got up and opened the door.

As soon as Martina entered, she respectfully asked, “Miss, what are your orders for me?”

Stella’s face no longer had the nervousness and worry on it, she let Martina sit down on the sofa and asked her without delay,

“Martina, how did it go with Claire today?”

Martina said, “The contract has been signed, Ms. Willson insisted on not charging the design fee and wanted to transfer the five million design fee to the decoration cost,”

“And said that if not, then she would not take this order, I couldn’t convince her, so I agreed.”

Stella could not help but frown and asked in surprise, “Why did she refuse the design fee? 5 million is not a small amount, as far as I know, she should not have much money.”

Martina explained, “Ms. Willson means that she feels that she is still far from the level of a senior designer,”

“So she feels very grateful that you have chosen her to do this project, and she also hopes that through this project, she will be able to participate in the domestic interior design competition.”

After a pause, Martina added: “To put it bluntly, Ms. Willson wants to make this villa of yours a classic case of her personal interior design, which is why she refused the five million design fee.”

Stella nodded and smiled, “It seems that this Claire is very career-minded, she definitely wants to be in the interior design field and make some visibility.”

“Right.” Martina also agreed and said, “The biggest feeling I got from my contact with Ms. Willson is that this woman is very simple-minded,”

“Not too good at hiding things, and does want to run her career a little better.”

Stella nodded slightly and said, “How about this, tomorrow morning you go to her company, say I want to see her, and hope to talk to her face to face about my design needs for this house.”

Martina said, “Miss, if you want to see her tomorrow, wouldn’t it be quicker for me to make an appointment with her directly and have her come here to see you first thing in the morning?”

“No.” Stella decisively refused: “If you tell her now, then Charlie will know, I don’t want him to know about this,”

“At least before Claire comes, I don’t want him to know, so you go directly to Claire’s company tomorrow, first talk to her about the construction cycle,”

“Then I will call you, then temporarily ask her to meet, in this way, she will probably not tell Charlie.”

“This way, she probably won’t tell him, and you can also follow her around all the time to see if she contacts him or not.”

Only then did Martina suddenly realize, and hurriedly said, “Okay Miss, then I will go to her company directly tomorrow!”

“Mm!” Stella nodded and said, “Martina, I have one more thing that I need you to work hard and overtime to finish tonight.”

Martina said, “Miss, you can order anything.”

Stella said, “After you go back to your room, immediately ask people in the United States to look up the best living interior designers in the world,”

“I want a list of the top 20 designers in the world! Especially focus on the list of female designers!”