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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 393 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 393 Start

Thinking that the disappearance of the Gao family man and his son might have something to do with Charlie, Fredmen couldn’t help feeling nervous.

If Charlie can really let the father and son evaporate, then can’t he do anything to him…

Moreover, in this way, he will have to forget Tianqi’s magical medicine.

After all, there is no substitute for the dead ghost and the back pot man available now, and must not venture to provoke Tianqi.

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson looked at Fredmen with a flattering face, humbled like a dog, and said flatly: “Mr. Willson, or else we can think of a way to visit the big hospital in Eastcliff, maybe you can get treatment for the disease.”

Now Fredmen is the life-saving straw for the entire Willson family, and the Old Mrs. Willson is even more anxious than him. If Fredmen is unable to recover the ability of a man, the remaining 70 million investment will definitely be in a dream.

“Yes, Mr. Willson, I think Tianqi is a man of fame and reputation. He can mix with Charlie’s cock and he has the ability to bullsh*t.”

Noah Willson also licked his face and took the conversation, even more flattering than the Old Mrs. Willson.

Their voices fell to the ground, Fredmen’s expression was even more ugly, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Shut up, Tianqi’s veteran skill, I know, he is unwilling to treat me, and it would be useless to go to Eastcliff.”

Wendy also said anxiously: “Mr. Willson, isn’t Aurous Hill the only genius doctor named Tianqi? Why don’t we find someone else?”

She didn’t have feelings for Fredmen, but she had just paid such a high price, but didn’t get much benefit. How could she be willing?

Noah Willson remembered something and hurriedly asked: “Fredmen, didn’t you say that that night, there was a friend who opened a pharmaceutical factory? Would you like to ask the other person?”

Fredmen’s expression was suddenly happy, thinking about Tianqi’s magical medicine, but forgot about it.

There is a Wei family in Aurous Hill, which itself is a large company in the Aurous Hill pharmaceutical industry. The man, whose name is named Hetang Wei, is also ranked top in the country.

It just so happened that Fredmen had a good relationship with the eldest master of the Wei family. The two often fool around together. Now it is estimated that he is the last straw in Aurous Hill.

And the eldest young master of the Wei family, just like himself, is also a devil and fellow.

If ask him for help, start from this aspect.

He looked up at Wendy, his eyes full of dissatisfaction and disgust.

After spending 15 million up and down, he played with this woman for two or three days, and then became a eunuch. This is really the most expensive woman he has ever played!

Now, his roots have become a decoration, and he can’t continue to engage in Wendy. It’s useless to keep this woman. It’s better to take her over and go to the young master of the Wei family to play the residual heat.

Thinking of this, Fredmen looked at Wendy, smiled suddenly, and said, “Wendy, you will be better dressed tomorrow. Come with me to see a friend.”

It’s rare for Wendy to see Fredmen smiling and talking to her these days, she was happy, and nodded hurriedly, not knowing what Fredmen was thinking about.


The next day.

The news of the disappearance of the Gao family old man and his son is still spreading throughout the city.

However, Claire and Elaine didn’t take it seriously, because Charlie had already said that these two people absconded in fear of crime.

Since it is a crime to abscond, it is natural to evaporate the world.

Fredmen contacted the eldest young master of the Wei family in advance, and in the evening, took Wendy to the box of the Aurous Hill family club, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the other party.