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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3928 Free Novel

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However, this did not make Charlie have a few more good feelings towards her, he did not like her cleverness in this kind of mechanism.

Although he had a bit of admiration, but did not like her.

In his opinion, it would be better for her to back out because of tonight’s incident and hurry back to the United States at dawn tomorrow, so as to save herself from trouble.

As for that Tony, of course, he will not kill him, the big deal is to erase his memory, and then find an opportunity to sneak him to a country in Southeast Asia, so that he can find his own way back.

In this way, this matter will not have any direct connection with him.


At the same time, the hotel,

Stella put a bathtub of hot water for herself, after washing her body in the hot water, forcing herself to relax both physically and mentally, and then replayed in her mind all the things that happened tonight.

Tonight’s events, in addition to her shock and fear, also vaguely make her feel a little weird.

She always wondered what kind of person could have targeted Tony so precisely.

Moreover, the other party was so crisp and sharp, not leaving any clues.

She had also suspected Charlie in her heart.

But her mind would always be wrapped up in what Tony had said before.

She always felt that although Charlie was mysterious, he should not be so powerful.

She remembered again what Grandpa had said on the phone, and Karl speculated that the opponent Tony had encountered should be a Dark Realm expert.

An expert of the Ming Realm Great Perfection Realm was unheard of, and a Dark Realm expert who was one big level higher than the Ming Realm as a whole was even rarer in the world.

This makes Stella can’t help but impressed, she subconsciously while fiddling with the water in the bathtub, while muttering:

“I really can’t imagine that a city that can only be ranked tenth in China will hide a dark realm expert ……”

“And this city in addition to dark realm experts, there is also master Wade who can take out the Rejuvenation Pill …… little Aurous Hill, is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon ……”

Thinking of this, Stella’s mind, suddenly flashed out a thought.

She frowned and chanted softly, “The matter of Charlie having the Rejuvenation Pill, through the clues obtained from various directions,”

“Basically it can already be confirmed, this pill can not only bring back the dead but also make a person twenty years younger,”

“If it really has such an effect, then it proves that this pill itself, has a very powerful energy ……”

“Mr. Luo said that the reason why martial artists can have physical qualities that far exceed those of ordinary people is because they have mastered an energy that ordinary people can’t master, the true qi!”

“And the energy contained in Charlie’s Rejuvenation Pill, no matter what, can’t be worse than a martial artist’s true qi, right?”

“After all, there are many martial artists in this world, but the Rejuvenation Pill, however, is only available to Charlie!”

“Although the energy of the Rejuvenation Pill and the true qi of a martial artist may not be the same thing,”

“It is difficult to compare who is better and who is worse, but in terms of rarity, the energy of the Rejuvenation Pill is much rarer and more precious than the true qi of a martial artist!”

“Hiring a six-star martial artist is only tens of millions of dollars a year or at most $100 million, but to buy a rejuvenation pill, at least tens of billions of dollars,”

“From here you can also see that the energy of the rejuvenation pill is worth more.”

“Since this is the case …… then Charlie grasps the energy of higher value, why does he himself have no strength? Isn’t this …… a bit strange?”

She remembered that Tony had told her that martial artists, realm an inch higher is an inch stronger, people with high cultivation can see through at a glance exactly what stage people with lower cultivation than themselves are at,”

“So he could see that Charlie did not have any cultivation on him, and could even say that he was not a martial artist at all.