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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3925 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3925 Start

Charlie nodded and said, “Miss Zhan, don’t be polite to me, you are not familiar with the place,”

“If there is something difficult to do, you must say hello to me, although I am not a local snake in Aurous Hill,”

“But at least I have some roots, I should be able to help you!”

Charlie’s attitude gave Stella great comfort, so that her panicked heart and nervous emotions have a great relief.

She looked at Charlie and said from the bottom of her heart, “Mr. Wade, it’s fortunate that you’re here! I’m really thankful!”

Charlie waved his hand and said in the spirit of his face, “Miss Zhan, we are all friends, it would be too much to say thank you all the time!”

Stella was lame by Charlie’s attitude.

At this moment, she only felt that Charlie was simply the spring breeze on earth, and was also very warm and sincere to her.

Looking at Charlie’s sincere eyes, Stella’s heart even began to feel guilty for having been deceiving Charlie.

For a moment, she had an impulse to confess everything to him.

However, when she thought of it, her grandfather was still waiting for the Rejuvenation Pill to renew his life, so she could only suppress this impulse, hard.

In her heart, she thought, “If grandpa can win the Rejuvenation Pill at the auction, then I will definitely confess to Mr. Wade and ask for his forgiveness at the first time ……”

And at this moment, Charlie saw Stella looking at him in a dazed, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Miss Zhan, what’s wrong with you?”

Stella came back to her senses and hastily covered up, “Oh, nothing …… Mr. Wade, I’ll go up first ……”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded and once again instructed, “Always remember, when you encounter a problem you must call me!”

“Okay!” Stella said thanks again, and only then reluctantly got out of the car.

After waving goodbye to him and watching him drive away, she quickly rushed back to her presidential suite.

On her way to the presidential suite, she had already called Martina and others to inform them of the meeting in her room.

When she returned to her room, except for Tony, all the members of her entourage were sitting in the small conference room of the presidential suite.

Everyone’s expressions carried a lingering look of tension and gravity.

As soon as Stella came in, everyone hurriedly stood up and looked at her respectfully, shouting a respectful hello to Miss.

Stella nodded, then asked straight to the point: “How are the things you have been asked to investigate? Are there any clues?”

Martina said, “Miss, I asked the hacker to retrieve the road monitoring system of Aurous Hill,”

“But unfortunately, the monitoring power supply system in the area where you are today has a problem, and their staff is restoring it overnight, so there is no valuable monitoring video left.”

Stella said offhandedly, “How could it be such a coincidence? The surveillance in that area is out of order?”

Martina said helplessly, “We can’t tell now whether this is a coincidence or someone did it deliberately.”

Stella said with a black face: “It must be man-made! Otherwise it can’t be such a coincidence!”

Martina said, “Miss, it’s hard for us to find any direct clues right now, and since the other party is more powerful than Mr. Luo,”

“They definitely won’t let us check him out easily ……”

She said, “Miss, what I am most worried about now is your safety, Mr. Luo is missing, your safety is no longer guaranteed,”

“Why don’t you go back to America first, we will stay here and continue our investigation.”

“No!” Stella said, “If I go back now, this time I will have come to Aurous Hill for nothing!”

“Not only did I come for nothing, but I also got Mr. Luo involved ……”

Martina said worriedly, “Miss, if Mr. Luo is missing, the other party’s real target is probably you! If that happens, he will definitely go after you next!