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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3902 Free Novel

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Elaine did not expect that Wendy’s attitude towards her was actually quite respectful, and her mood became better and better, nodding her head and saying,

“In the future, I will find your mother to play, we sisters-in-law are of one mind, well angry with that dead old woman!”

Saying that Elaine with a mysterious face whispered to Horiyah and said: “I tell you Horiyah, to this dead old woman, you should not be submissive!”

“You just used to be too submissive to her, too tolerant, she used to be bullish we had nothing to say, after all, she was the head of the family,”

“But now she still thinks she is still the head of the Willson family? Those days are long gone!”

“She has nothing now, and she is also older, she can’t beat you, she can’t scold you, what else do you have to be afraid of?”

“If you kneel down to her, it’s simply a brain short circuit!”

“If I were you, I would have rushed in as soon as I got back, and if she dared to stop me, I would have kicked her from upstairs to downstairs!”

Speaking of this, she emotionally got more and more excited and said through clenched teeth:

“So you should not balk at her in the future! If she dares to give you a scowl again, you can just scold her back! If she dares to talk back, just hit her!”

Horiyah was inspired and nodded her head, “You’re right! I was just too afraid of her! Fear of psychological shadows! But now, she’s just an old woman who can’t even feed herself,”

“So what’s the big deal? Besides, this villa is not hers, but Regnar Wu’s. If he lets her live here, she can only live here, and if he doesn’t let her, she’ll have to get out immediately!”

Elaine nodded and said, “Just have it in your mind, if there is such a thing in the future, you can just whack her!”

Horiyah clenched her fist and said with a firm face, “Okay! You wait! If she dares to recruit me in the future, I will hammer her!”

Wendy saw that her mother was already confused by Elaine and could not wait to rush in and beat up her grandmother, so she knew that she could not let these two women continue to talk, otherwise the situation would definitely get out of hand.

So she said, “Mom, let’s hurry up and go in. You can find a vacant room first, then clean it up and settle in, then go say hello to brother.”

“Okay.” In her heart, Horiyah also missed her son.

She hadn’t seen him for a long time, and she didn’t know how her son, now a days, had recovered.

So, she then hurriedly said politely to Elaine, “Elaine, then I will go in first, let’s talk some other time!”

Elaine was still a bit impatient, but she didn’t stay any longer and said, “Okay, hurry up and go in!”

Horiyah went into the villa with her daughter.

Elaine looked at the door for a while, then sat back in the car and said with a gloating face: “Horiyah is really a rebel, this will have that dead old woman suffer!”

Jacob helplessly said: “Aiya …… you talked to her like that why this is necessary …… if later she really fought with mother and beats her up good, I am a son, do not also have to contribute money to the effort?”

“You dare!” Elaine sternly said: “If this dead old woman has a shortage, you are not allowed to spend a penny!”

After saying that, she immediately waved her hand and said, “Hurry up and drive, I’m want to go out for a ride!”

Jacob started the car and moved forward without delay.

The two sets of villas regained their tranquility.

On the second-floor terrace of villa A05, Charlie and Claire watched Jacob’s Rolls-Royce, gradually disappearing around the corner.

Claire rubbed her temples and said helplessly, “Eldest aunt came back, I’m afraid it’s going to be chicken and dog again in the future ……”

Charlie laughed: “It’s okay, I see Horiyah’s attitude towards mom is quite friendly, even a little flattering.”

“Yes ……” Claire pursed her lips and said despondently, “What I am most worried about now is that mom and she will mix together again ……”

“In case the two of them unite against grandmother again, then there will certainly be no peace in the future ……”