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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3901 Free Novel

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At this moment, Noah, not knowing whether he was angry or sad, turned around by himself and silently went back to his room with his crutches.

Although old Mrs. Willson’s heart is very upset, but at the moment there is nothing else to do, can only be forced to accept the reality of Horiyah back.

After all, she still has to rely on Wendy to support her, and offending her at this time is definitely not a wise move.

Wendy saw that the matter had been successfully resolved, and was finally relieved, holding Horiyah and saying, “Mom, get up, let’s go home.”

Horiyah cried and nodded her head, with a face of the afterlife.

She also really has no way back, otherwise, she does not want to come back to see Mrs. Willson’s face.

Nowadays, her biggest wish is to have a place to shelter from the wind and rain, or at least not to worry about three meals a day.

Returning to Aurous Hill, to Tomson Villa, was the best choice for her at this stage.

Moreover, she is glad that her daughter, who has never been motivated and never worked, now has a career of her own.

And her career is developing quite smoothly, so she really doesn’t have to worry about her life when she returns.

Completely relieved, she was about to follow Wendy into the door, suddenly remembered something, and turned around, came to Elaine car, said with a grateful face:

“Elaine, for just now really thank you, many things in the past I have been wrong, but please do not see me in that way, I am here to apologize to you ……”

After saying that, Horiyah immediately gave Elaine a bow.

Elaine was immediately confused by Horiyah’s humble attitude, a time also a bit caught off guard, awkwardly said:

“Look at you, yelling in front of me for half a lifetime, suddenly talk so kindly, it is almost to me whole will not be ……”

Horiyah sighed, said in a low voice: “Before I was not thinking properly, always thinking to fight you in front of the old lady for the favor, to press your second family head,”

“Now I think, in front of that lady such heartless people, what favor to fight, a lifetime of obedience to her, in the end in her eyes, not even a dog worth.”

Elaine suddenly felt deeply, very agreeable said: “I tell you Horiyah, you’re really right! That dead old woman herself is a wolf heart and dog lung thing!”

“If you cut your own flesh for her to eat, she will not think of your goodness, but rather wipe her mouth after eating, by the way, you think your meat is too wood!”

Horiyah nodded and said seriously, “Anyway, I really understand this time, from now on even if she is dead, I will not shed a single tear!”

Elaine sneered: “If she dies, not only will I not shed a tear, but I will buy a few firecrackers and celebrate!”

Jacob heard this, coughed twice, and reminded, “Elaine …… you almost got it …… you know you are talking about my mother ……”

Elaine glared at him and said angrily, “If you think you are close to your mother, then you move in at night!”

Jacob said in a jarring voice: “Why should I move over ……”

Elaine said, “You move over to serve your mother! Don’t you want to be a filial son?”

Jacob immediately had the sense to shut his mouth.

He also figured out that if Elaine is a gunpowder barrel, the old lady is the best fuse, guaranteed to explode at the slightest point.

Therefore, they still do not owe the childlike, take the initiative to find this trouble.

At this time, from the side Wendy also came forward, attitude is very respectful and said: “Second Aunt …… before I also had a lot of ignorance, but please do not be angry with me, in the future if you want, our two families can also be more close.”