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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3900 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3900 Start

At this point, Wendy slightly paused, expression serious reminded: “But I want to make it clear first! Our family’s expenses now rely on me alone to earn money, the company needs to develop, my salary can not be taken too high,”

“If I still need to rent a room for my mother outside, then the expenses will certainly be a large amount more!”

“In that case, the quality of life for all of us will be reduced, and I hope you will understand when the time comes! If you can’t understand, it doesn’t matter, just physically get over it.”

When old Mrs. Willson heard this, her eyes turned around several times in her sockets, and her brain was running even faster, carefully considering the pros and cons.

If they let Horiyah stay here, although her mood will be somewhat affected, but as Wendy said, there is an additional helper, but also in the prime of life helper.

In that case, the pressure of serving her son and grandson will naturally be reduced by a lot, or even by more than half.

And this is also the most cost-effective way to save money, do not have to go alone to Horiyah to rent a house, the family is just a matter of adding a pair of chopsticks, the cost increase is negligible.

However, if she doesn’t let Horiyah stay here, Wendy went out to rent a house for Horiyah, it would not be less than three thousand a month?

When the time comes to let Horiyah open a separate meal, the food costs will also increase a lot, it is not as simple as adding a pair of chopsticks.

The family income is a few thousand less a month, and the actual impact on life is still very big.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Willson resentfully said, “Horiyah, for Wendy’s sake, I’ll let you into the family this time, but you must be honest and sincere in the family in the future, got it?

Horiyah heard this, suddenly excited incoherent, nodded and said: “Thank you mom …… thank you, mom ……”

“I …… I know …… I will be honest in the future, I will take care of the household properly!”

Noah sighed, did not say anything more, he has also been soft-hearted at this time, and heart for Horiyah’s previous encounter, but also more guilt.

On Wendy’s side finally, a stone fell to the ground.

In fact, she received a phone call from her mother two days ago.

After Horiyah’s mother died, her brother and sister-in-law couldn’t wait to kick her out, afraid that she would stay to compete for the ancestral property.

Horiyah driven out, nowhere to go, except to call her daughter for help, really can not think of other ways.

After all, she also knows that her mother-in-law hates her bones, her husband also hates her, and her son is seriously injured in bed,”

“Even if he wants to help her, he may not have any ability, so she can only pin her hopes on her daughter Wendy’s body.

Fortunately, she had Wendy’s number on her phone card, otherwise, she couldn’t have ever contacted.

Wendy also complained about her mother, not to mention the other, the family savings were emptied of this matter alone, she has been unable to get over it.

However, since Charlie helped her and let her take charge of Shangmei etiquette company, her outlook on life, worldview and values have changed dramatically.

She is no longer as vain as she was at the beginning, but obsessed with making money with her own hands, and she has a lot more patience and tolerance for many people and things around her.

As soon as she heard that her mother was now living in a place with no future, she let her mother return without any hesitation.

Because she felt that she could not sit back and let her mother suffer in any way.

Therefore, she also had two solutions in mind.

If dad and grandma can accept mom, then the family will live together, and those previous barriers will gradually dissipate with time in the future.

If they can’t accept mom, it doesn’t matter, she has the ability to give mom a stable life.

However, right now, grandma and dad can agree, in Wendy’s eyes, is the best solution.

Elaine watched Horiyah’s grateful and tearful appearance, and she couldn’t help but feel a little sorrowful in her heart.

She couldn’t help but think in her heart, “If I didn’t have my good son-in-law Charlie, my status in the Willson family would not be as good as Horiyah’s,”

“And I don’t know how much humiliation I would have to suffer from this old woman ……”