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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 39 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 39 Start

Elsa was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Harold really had some connections in Aurous Hill, compared to Charlie, that was so much stronger.

It seems that in the future if she walks into Aurous Hill with him, it will be much more convenient for her daily activities.

The black man respectfully led everyone to the door of the diamond box.

Afterward, he took out the list, handed it to Charlie directly, and said softly: “Sir, please sign it.”

This diamond box was specially reserved for Charlie, and he needed to sign for confirmation.

Charlie smiled and took the pen and paper, and was about to write his name when Harold’s voice suddenly rang.

“d*mn, put the pen down!”

Harold walked over with a calm face, grabbed the pen and paper from Charlie’s hand, brushed his name down, and yelled at Charlie: “You want to be shameless? Who ordered the box? Do you even count? What qualifications do you have to sign here!”

The black-clothed man was immediately dumbfounded, looked at Charlie, and gave him a questioning look, which means, do you need me to help you teach this [email protected] now.

Charlie said indifferently: “It’s okay. If he wants to sign, let him sign.”

In front of Elsa, Charlie didn’t want to make things too embarrassing, after all, she was his wife’s best friend.

Soon, everyone in the box sat down.

Harold arranged for Elsa to sit in the lead, while Charlie sat in the corner alone, only Elsa said a few words to him from time to time.

Soon, exquisite dishes and wine were presented by the waiter.

All the dishes are very particular about the ingredients, the top-quality abalone and ten catties of Australian lobster can only be used as a foil here.

Even fine wine is a century-old national wine, and a bottle of half a catty alone can sell for more than 100,000.

Elsa is also a well-informed person and was shocked by the extravagance of this meal.

Gerald sighed, “Harold, how much is the standard for your meal?”

Harold said triumphantly: “My meal is 300,000.”

Gerald said in surprise, “This is not the standard of 300,000. The bottles of wine alone are more than 300,000.”

Harold was secretly frightened, and suddenly felt something was not right. Reminiscing about the attitude of the man in black just now, could it be that Orvel gave him any special treatment?

However, he doesn’t even know him!

Elsa’s beautiful eyes flickered, she glanced at Harold and said, “Harold, thank you!”

When Harold heard Elsa’s words, he smiled and said, “This should be done everywhere.”

With that, Harold smiled and asked Charlie: “Charlie, you must have never eaten such a good thing in your life?”

Charlie sneered: “What gives you the confidence?”

Harold said contemptuously: “After eating my food, that broken mouth is so hard! You f*cking had a chance to eat such a good thing before, I twist your head off and kick it for you!”

Charlie smiled indifferently. The days he lived when he was a child were extremely luxurious that ordinary people could not think of. Such a meal at Wade’s family is also a meal for the people.

Seeing Charlie’s silence, Wendy said angrily: “Charlie, what kind of attitude do you use to talk to my brother? Believe it or not, I will let you get out now! We let you eat the meal and you will act shamelessly. What a f*cking stinky rag!”

However, at this moment!

The door of the box was kicked open vigorously, and a fierce voice rang: “Where did you idiots come from? Who the h*ll let you in this box!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man wearing an Armani suit, a big gold chain, and a centipede-like scar on his face spread from the corner of his eyes to his chin.

This man holds a bill in one hand and a stick in the other, with a fierce face!

A dozen burly men with scarred tattoos lined up next to them, surrounding everyone.

Everyone was stunned, panicked, what is the situation?

The leader is named Brother Biao, who is Orvel’s, right-hand man. He beat the world with him in his early years, and he is also a famous person in Aurous Hill.

This time Orvel told him that it was the extremely noble Mr. Charlie to use the diamond box of Classic Pavilion, so he must arrange it properly.

But he never thought that when inspecting the use of the box, it was discovered that the diamond box was signed by Harold, who was angry and afraid.

Raging with anger, this d*mn Harold occupied the box he prepared for the distinguished guests;