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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3898 Free Novel

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As soon as Old Mrs. Willson said this, Noah echoed her words, “Wendy! Your grandmother is absolutely right, your mother has disgraced our whole family, and I’ve also been hurt by her!”

“She ran away before, that’s all, but now you bring her back, isn’t that just adding to our problems? Hurry up and tell her to go away and never come back!”

Wendy’s eyes turned red and she said, “Dad! Grandma! My grandmother passed away some time ago, and mom was ostracized by my uncle in her mother’s house, now she has no place to stay.

Horiyah on the side also could not help but cry out, she went downstairs, poofed on her knees, crying, and said, “Mom …… Noah …… before it was my bad,”

“I did not do my duty as a daughter-in-law, as a wife my obligations,”

Please, for the sake of raising children for the Willson family, give me a chance to reform myself …… please!”

Old Mrs. Willson said disgustedly, “As a woman, what’s wrong with marrying into our family and raising children for our family?”

“Isn’t this all your duty? Why do I hear you say this, as if you are also very meritorious?

Horiyah cried: “Mom …… I’m not saying I have any merit, but even if I don’t have merit, I have been in the Willson family for so many years,”

“At least have a share of hard work, right? I have no hard work, at least have a share of fatigue, right?”

“After so many years, you can have feelings even if you raise a dog, why do you have to be so heartless to me!

Mrs. Willson sneered, “If I had a dog, would the dog steal my money? If I had a dog, would the dog give my son a cuckold?

Noah heard this, feeling all over the body scratching uncomfortable, spoke in a low voice: “Aiya mom …… your this …… your this metaphor? It is too inappropriate ……”

Old Mrs. Willson gave Noah a white look and grunted, “What’s inappropriate? I’m not being rude!”

“In my eyes, Horiyah is worse than a dog! How dare she claim credit for having children with me? She deserves it!”

Elaine, who hadn’t said anything, was furious when she heard this and cursed, “You old woman, your words stink worse than f@rts!”

“Do you think it’s right for us women to give birth to and work hard for your Willson family?”

“Don’t forget that you are also a woman! When you were a daughter-in-law, if you had met a mother-in-law like you, you probably would have died before you could live to be thirty!”

Old Mrs. Willson coldly snorted, “Humph! I was lucky that my short-lived mother-in-law died early! When I was thirty, my mother-in-law had been dead for two years!”

Elaine immediately sneered, “Yes! I really envy you! Your life is really good! Unlike me and Horiyah, who is so miserable, not only did you meet a mother-in-law who is so bad, but she is also an old woman who is immortal!”

Old Mrs. Willson was so angry that she spat blood and cursed, “Elaine …… you …… what are you saying about me?”

Elaine coldly said: “I said you bad dripping sh!t! Bad dripping sh!t old immortal!”

“You …… you ……” Old Mrs. Willson was furious and pointed at Noah and ordered with gritted teeth, “Horiyah! Quickly smash her to death!!!”

Noah’s expression was stunned, and his ears recalled what his mother had just said, so he opened his mouth and said,

“Mom, bear with the wind and waves for a while, and take a step back to broaden the sky, that’s what you just taught me!”

Old Mrs. Willson was furious: “There is also a saying that ‘endure a moment of peace and calmness, take a step back and become more and more angry’! You can back out of this today, but I can’t!”

With that, she reached out her hand and grabbed Noah’s cane, saying angrily, “You useless thing! Let go of my hand! I’ll smash her myself!”