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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3897 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3897 Start

At this time, Jacob in the car also saw Horiyah who was following Wendy together.

After seeing the visitor, his jaw was about to fall on the ground, and said offhand:

“My day …… Elaine …… your broken mouth has not opened the Qixia Temple lights? How come when you shout Horiyah, she suddenly emerged?!”

Elaine also dumbfounded, mumbled, “It shouldn’t be …… I haven’t even been to the Qixia Temple for two or three years ……”

Jacob said awkwardly, “This is too evil for you …… I thought I was seeing a ghost alive.”

Elaine fixed her mind and said, “You do not see Horiyah is walking with Wendy? Maybe it was Wendy who called her back.”

Jacob nodded gently and muttered, “That’s right, they are after all the real mother and daughter ……”

At this time, Noah’s roar on the terrace made Old Lady Willson couldn’t help but look in the direction of his finger.

With this look, indeed, they saw Horiyah at this time cowering behind Wendy, full of nervousness and fear.

To say that she hates Horiyah, Old Lady Willson is no worse than Noah.

In addition to cuckolding her son, bearing the wild seed of an outsider, and even infecting her son with a disease.

Old Mrs. Willson actually hated Horiyah most because she stole her own hard-earned 100 from the supermarket, as well as the $100 she asked for in compensation after being slapped in the entrance hall of Tomson One.

Two hundred is not much, but in the eyes of the old lady, Horiyah’s crime is enough to be shot eight times!

In her opinion, Horiyah can be forgiven for being with a man, but not for stealing money!

And, not stealing anyone’s money, but her hard-earned money!

So, Old Mrs. Willson immediately became furious and pointed at Horiyah downstairs and cursed loudly:

“Horiyah, you stole my money, and you still have the fcuking face to come back!”

“Get the hell out of my house and don’t ever dare to enter!”

Horiyah was crying and didn’t know how to plead, but Wendy spoke up and said, “Grandma, I told mom to come back!”

“I hope you can forgive her this time for the sake of her being my mother.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Old Mrs. Willson said without hesitation, “As long as I am still alive, she will never want to enter my house!”

With that, she immediately said to Noah, “Horiyah! Call the police now and tell them that the thief who stole two hundred of my hard-earned money is back!”

“Have the police officers come and arrest her! Sentence her to eight to ten years!”

Wendy hurriedly said: “Grandma! This matter to have the fault also have the fault, is never my mother’s fault alone,!”

“If you hadn’t been oppressing her and not even letting her eat, how could she have done such a thing!”

Old Mrs. Willson said with great emotion: “Wendy, think about it, why don’t I give this b!tch a meal? It’s because she has done a lot of things wrong to your father!”

“Not only has she wronged your father, but she has also wronged you and your brother, and she has even wronged me and the ancestors of our Willson family! She has disgraced our Willson family!”