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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3889 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3889 Start

“Sent for Charlie?” Elaine heard this and felt even more puzzled: “Jacob, what do you mean by that?”

Jacob said: “It’s like this, good son-in-law, didn’t you read feng shui for Miss Zhan this morning?”

“She came to the calligraphy and painting association in the afternoon, said she wanted to thank you for the feng shui of the villa, your professional level is very recognized,”

“She originally wanted to give you a generous reward, but you insist that you do not want to receive anything so she felt sorry,”

“Then bought this car, on my name, directly to the calligraphy and painting association with a plate car, said it is from her heart, let me be sure to accept!”

Hearing this, Claire could not help but blame: “Dad, how can you take the decision to accept such an expensive gift for Charlie?”

Jacob said with an innocent face: “Claire, I did not want to accept, but she bought this car directly in my name, even if I do not accept, this car from the legal sense is mine, I am also riding a difficult tiger ……”

He said this, then hurriedly said to Charlie: “Good son-in-law, Dad really is not trying to make a decision for you,”

“The key is that people like Miss Zhan are really too ideal, she did not see you accept the money, so she directly in my name sent over the car,”

“And she also said, she doesn’t like to owe favors, if I do not accept this car, then she will no longer sponsor us to engage in cultural exhibition ……”

“So President Pei also strongly persuaded me to accept this car ……”

Claire said with some anger: “Dad, even if Miss Zhan left the car in your name, then you should at least give Charlie a call and ask his opinion! He didn’t even nod his head, how can you take the initiative?”

Jacob was accused by Claire, more or less can not hang his face, said: “Hey …… I …… I am not afraid of disappointing Miss Zhan’s good intentions ……”

“You also know, Miss Zhan is not only Charlie’s customer, but also our painting and calligraphy association’s valued ……”

Charlie at this time gave a faint smile, said: “OK Claire, Dad took this car as he was helpless, you should not blame him.”

When Jacob heard this, he has immediately felt it was like a great pardon and said excitedly, “Aiya! My good son-in-law! You are still the fairest and objective!”

After saying that, he cautiously asked, “Good son-in-law, what do you think I should do with this car ……?”

When he said this, Jacob was very nervous in his heart.

He was afraid that Charlie would ask him to return the car.

After all, he is also a person who loves face very much, and he likes this Rolls Royce Cullinan even more from his heart.

On his way back in this car just now, he found that almost everyone on the street would stare at this car, for a long time.

And when he drove this car on the street, not a single person dared to add his plug! Not a single person dares to honk behind him!

Unlike before, he drove his BMW 530, it was often maliciously plugged, especially those more expensive cars than him.

Plus these plugs were more relentless, many times almost rubbed his car, and finally, he took the initiative to concede, a foot brake to others to give way.

Moreover, Jacob’s nature itself is wilted, so drives slowly, not fast at all, so many times encountered those more impatient drivers who blamed him for driving slowly.

So honked in his back and even constantly flashing high beams.

What’s more, in the drop and flash, and finally drive over him and roll down the window, cursing him as a stinking idiot.

This makes Jacob feel as if all the drivers in this world are road rage sufferers.