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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3887 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3887 Start

Realizing this, Charlie was even more surprised inside, he couldn’t figure out how on earth she had gradually focused the clues of the Rejuvenation Pill on him.

Because he knew very well that it was impossible for Qinghua to reveal his identity to the public.

Moreover, if Zhan Feier had known that the Rejuvenation Pill was related to him, she would have paved her way to Aurous Hill long ago.

And the reason she had delayed in Eastcliff for so long was precisely that she did not know in whose hands this pill was.

On top of that, Zhan Feier arrived in Aurous Hill just after Antique Hall had released the news of the Pill auction.

This means that before Zhan Feier came to Aurous Hill, she didn’t even know that the Rejuvenation Pill was related to him!

Thinking of this, Charlie couldn’t help but secretly sigh: “This Zhan Fei’er, what exactly did she use to find me out in just a few days?!”

Just when he was surprised by Zhan Feier’s ability, a loud honking sound rang out in the courtyard.

Soon, Charlie heard Elaine cursing loudly in the room on the third floor: “Who’s that, honking the horn in the neighborhood, what’s wrong with you?”

Downstairs, although the sound of honking stopped, Jacob’s voice immediately came, and he shouted, “Elaine, good son-in-law, come down and see my new car!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the sound of Elaine’s footsteps came from upstairs, and she limped out of the terrace.

At this moment, Charlie, who was in the bedroom on the second floor, was also attracted by this movement, came to the window and looked down.

In the courtyard of the villa, Jacob was standing in front of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, his face full of excitement and triumph.

And Elaine was standing on the third floor terrace, looking at Jacob standing in front of a huge SUV off-road vehicle she didn’t recognize in the courtyard downstairs, and asked in surprise, “Jacob, is this your new car?”

Jacob said smugly, “That’s right! Come down and take a look?”

Elaine said: “A broken jeep, what’s so beautiful, which is comparable to the BMW? You’re a loser, you didn’t sell your BMW and buy such a piece of crap, did you?”

In the eyes of Elaine, all SUVs and off-road vehicles are jeeps.

Even, in the eyes of all the middle-aged and elderly people who do not know much about cars, any kind of brand of SUVs and off-road vehicles can be collectively referred to as jeeps.

Jacob said with righteous indignation: “Elaine, Elaine, you really have long hair and short insight! How the hell can this be a Jeep!”

“This is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan! And it’s a BB version! Rolls-Royce, do you understand?”

Elaine was dumbfounded and said, “Oh my God, what kind of car do you think this is? Rolls-Royce?!”

Jacob pointed to the gold logo at the front of the car and said with a smug face, “Even if you don’t know anything about cars, can you not know about Rolls-Royce? Here, look at this little golden man, recognize it?”

Elaine blurted out, “Oh my! Isn’t Rolls-Royce a big car? When did this Jeep come out?”

“Again Jeep ……” Jacob said with contempt: “This is called SUV!

Elaine subconsciously asked: “The world’s most expensive? How expensive is it?”

Jacob hummed twice: “Humph, how expensive? I tell you, at least more than ten million!”

“Holy sh!t!” Elaine exclaimed: “More than ten million? That’s more than 10 million! My Mom, you stand still there and wait for me!”

After saying that, she limped, ran and jumped, and quickly took the elevator downstairs.

Charlie’s heart is also very surprised at the moment, Rolls-Royce Cullinan he knows, this kind of car even the ordinary version.

The landing is at least eight million up, the so-called BB version is even more expensive, not less than ten million really can not get down.

But what he couldn’t understand was that his old man, how could he afford to drive such an expensive car?