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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3885 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3885 Start

Charlie wanted to investigate Stella’s true identity as soon as possible, but this matter was not that easy.

So, after he went home, he asked Joseph, through the overseas connections of the Cataclysmic Front, to investigate the specific details of this identity of Zhan Feier.

Charlie originally thought that Zhan Feier’s identity must be false, but the result that Joseph returned was that with this name Zhan Feier, there was indeed a person in France.

At least, in the French civil registry system, one can find very detailed information about Zhan Feier’s civil registry.

France itself is a large immigration country, the management of the citizen’s registry information is very detailed.

Not only contains the birth, gender, education, and other basic information, but also detailed records of their parents’ occupation, income, and even religious beliefs.

The family has been rooted in France for many years and has diligently started from scratch, taking root in France step by step, and has now become a large business group with a market value of 10 billion euros.

In this information, even the name of the doctor responsible for the birth of Zhanfeier is clearly on record.

In addition, the information of the elementary school, secondary school, and university education are also available.

And it is impossible to see any suspicion in this identity.

This identity, in anyone’s view, I’m afraid can not pick any problems, but Charlie only caught a key point, and it is the six-star martial artist.

In Charlie’s eyes, Zhan Feier’s information, combined with that six-star martial artist, is like a wealthy man worth three billion dollars, bought a private yacht worth 1.5 billion.

Certainly affordable, but a little brainy rich people will not do such a stupid thing.

Moreover, such a stupid person can’t be a billionaire.

So, based on this alone, he was able to conclude that this Zhan Feier, there must be another identity that is more deeply hidden.

At the same time, Charlie was also thinking, this Zhan Feier deliberately coming close to him, as well as his family, what purpose is actually held.

In his opinion, the other party’s motive for approaching him is no more than four possibilities.

The first possibility, because of his identity as the young master of the Wade family.

The second possibility, because of his identity as Master Wade.

The third possibility, because of the JX Renewing Pill.

The fourth possibility, because of the Rejuvenation Pill.

However, to further confirm which of the above four Zhan Feier is, he must have more clues.

So, he asked Leon to help him and checked the entry records of this identity of Zhan Feier.

In the evening, Leon gave the results back to Charlie, and the content shocked him.

Because, according to the entry record, Zhan Feier, a French Chinese, did not enter China from France, her departure point was actually the United States.

Moreover, Zhan Feier’s city of entry was not Aurous Hill, but Eastcliff.

Stranger still, this Zhan Feier entry has been many days, before spending all the time in Eastcliff, she just arrived in Aurous Hill these days.

Although Leon’s feedback is very short, but many key points are very helpful to Charlie.

First, Zhan Feier travels from the United States to Eastcliff, making Charlie feel that her origin, is more likely to be an American.

Secondly, Zhan Feier’s first stop in China was Eastcliff, which helped Charlie rule out the possibility that she was running after his name, Master Wade.