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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3884 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3884 Start

Stella shrugged her shoulders, spread her hands, and said, “Actually, I’m not sure about Charlie, this person is too bizarre and doesn’t make sense everywhere, so there’s no way to judge him with normal experience.”

Saying that, Stella sighed and said with increasingly determined eyes, “But if I do not want to know Charlie, I can only put all my hopes on the auction,”

“After knowing him, there is one more possibility, even if the second possibility is only 1% success rate, I will never give up! Because as long as there is a ray of hope, it is better than hanging on a tree to die!”

Then, Stella added: “If you smoothly get to know his wife, you will certainly be able to improve moderately on the basis of 1%, and if you have the opportunity to build a certain friendship base with them, the possibility will be further enhanced.”

Martina nodded and said, “Miss, if we include that Jacob, the success rate should be a bit higher, right?”

“Right.” Stella nodded and sighed, “What we need to do now is to make every effort to show goodwill to Charlie’s family members around him,”

“Only then can we fight for more chances of winning, otherwise, in a few years, we will be driven out of the Fei family and reduced to a side branch with no worth.”

The internal logic of the Fei family, as a Chinese family, is very similar to that of most Chinese families.

One of the cruelest is the succession struggle.

Although Stella was the most favored in the Fei family, it was mostly because the old man really loved her, and the others superficially favored her for the sake of the old man.

Stella is like in the ancient imperial palace, the emperor’s favorite county princess, with the emperor’s favor, in her not married, the emperor also did not die, she was in the palace, who have to look at her with wrong eyes.

But once the princess is married and the old emperor has died, her position in the palace will be greatly affected.

Unless the new emperor is her father, then she will become a princess, and her status will rise instead of fall.

However, in Stella’s opinion, grandfather has so many children, the most unlikely to succeed the family head is her father.

And now, grandfather Douglas is approaching the end of his life, if he can not get to the Rejuvenation pill, then Douglas cranes to die, it may be a matter of one or two years.

Her father is the youngest of the many siblings, the energy and strength accumulated are also the worst, once the old man died, her father will be the first to be cleaned out by the new head of the family.

Generally speaking, a large family, except for the lineage of the true successor to the family head, the rest will gradually be reduced to a side branch.

However, after the new head of the family, in order to stabilize the development of the family, will not immediately let go all the siblings in one go.

But will choose to pick the first weak presence, less useful siblings to clean out, the presence of stronger, more useful siblings will remain in the main family for the time being.

After that, the new head of the family will continue to give more benefits to the remaining siblings in exchange for their help in consolidating their position as head of the family.

As their position was consolidated, these siblings also got the part of the benefits they wanted, so they willingly left the main family and set up their own business.

The main family, after sacrificing some of their interests, also completely laid the foundation of the family head.

And then the whole family submerged itself in development, waiting for the next division of the family in a few decades.

Nowadays, the strongest voice in the Fei family is the eldest son’s family, that is, Stella’s eldest uncle.

This uncle is the first son born to the old man when he was eighteen years old.

He followed the old man all the way from the most bitter days, experienced the most, honed the most, and in the entire Fei family, apart from the old man, is also the most domineering on the people below.

In the future, he must be the one to succeed the Fei family’s head.

While, Stella’s father has not been able to impress the old man, and his role in the Fei family seems somewhat irrelevant.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Stella could brush up his presence in front of the old man, this family line would have been completely abandoned by the old man.

Because of this, Stella can basically conclude that once her grandfather died, she lost the blessing of the old man, then her family will be kicked out of the Fei family in the first place.

And she knows very well in her heart that even if she does have some ability, her eldest uncle will never use her, let alone give her any chance to grow.

Therefore, Stella now had to put on 120 percent of her spirit to help her grandfather get what he wanted and get this Rejuvenating Pill.

No one wants the old man to live a long life more than she does, because only then can she get another ten years or even a longer window of development for her and her family!