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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3881 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3881 Start

Joseph’s efficiency was extremely fast.

He quickly replied to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, there is indeed a Chinese family with the surname of Zhan in France, the family strength is relatively average, and the total assets that can be counted are probably around ten billion euros.”

“Total assets are only ten billion euros?” Charlie was a little surprised and asked, “You didn’t miss any major projects, right?”

Joseph explained, “Mr. Wade, I can’t say that there are no omissions, but the overall deviation will not be too big.”

Hearing this, Charlie’s heart was even more puzzled.

This Zhan family, the total assets in the tens of billions of euros, converted down to less than 100 billion yuan, the calculation is not as good as the Song family.

So, he then felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

So, he gave Qin Gang a call.

Once the phone call came through, he heard Qin Gang’s surprised voice: “Master Wade, why are you free to call me today?”

Charlie asked curiously, “Master Qin, your villa in Water Cloud zone is sold?”

Qin Gang on the other end of the phone was obviously stunned and asked in surprise, “Master Wade, how did you know about this?”

“It can’t be that Aoxue told you, right …… this girl, every day asked me to keep the secret, I didn’t expect her to tell you directly herself ……”

Charlie laughed: “Aoxue did not tell me about this, it just so happens that the person who bought your villa, knows my father-in-law.”

“Is that so?” Qin Gang exclaimed, before laughing helplessly: “It seems that I was wrong about her.”

He said, “Master Wade, it’s like this, the villa in Water Cloud is really too far from the city, it’s not too convenient, so we live in a flat in the city most of the time,”

“A while ago, Aoxue said she wanted to live in Tomson One and be neighbors with you,”

“She especially cares about this matter, so we have been waiting for the right property to come out, it just so happens that a set of A03 came out some time ago, so we hurriedly bought it.”

Here, Qin just said: “Master Wade, you must not tell Aoxue that I told you all this! Otherwise, this girl will definitely be angry with me!”

Charlie asked curiously, “Master Qin, your business is getting bigger and bigger lately, even if you bought Tomson One,”

“There is no need to sell the Water Cloud Villa, right? It’s not like you’ve encountered any difficulties, right?”

Qin Gang said: “No, no, during this period of time, JX Pharmaceutical has given too many orders to us, which has made the Qin family’s medicinal herb business increase several times,”

“So that the family’s business is also getting bigger and bigger, only that I invested a large sum of money in Bozhou some time ago, so recently the funds on hand are a bit tight.”

Charlie frowned: “Bozhou? Seems to have not heard much about this place.”

Qin Gang explained: “Master Wade, Bozhou is our largest domestic herbal trading center and production base, but the city is relatively small, only a fourth-tier city, so not very famous.”

Charlie asked him, “You are investing there, are you investing in medicinal herbs?”

“Yes.” Qin Gang explained, “I’m not going to hide from you, Master Wade, now the volume of medicinal materials I handle is getting bigger and bigger, so I want to expand upstream a bit.”