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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3878 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3878 Start

In fact, Stella did not care about this villa.

The reason why she bought this villa was that she guessed that Charlie might be a feng shui master, so she bought the villa first, leaving a convenient front to approach him.

So she originally did not intend to decorate and did not even intend to live in.

However, after knowing that Charlie’s wife Claire opened a decoration company, she moved to decorate, but not to live, take the opportunity to get acquainted with Claire.

After listening, Charlie said seriously: “Since Miss Zhan intends to completely redecorate, that actually now the internal feng shui is not so important,”

“The overall feng shui of the house is no problem, as for the internal future feng shui problems, you need to set your side after the design plan, and then according to the specific arrangements on the design plan, you need to make specific adjustments.”

Speaking of this, Charlie added: “However, since Miss Zhan is hoping that the elderly living here can be healthy, get rid of diseases and disasters, then I can give you some directions and suggestions.”

Stella was busy saying, “Mr. Wade, please speak.”

Charlie said seriously: “The best room for the elderly is chosen in a set of mansions of the Yannian position, and as far as possible, arranged on the first floor,”

“So that more grounded qi; room as far as possible to choose the east, and there should be windows, as the so-called purple qi east, beneficial to health qi;”

“In addition, the room must not be too large, because in feng shui, smaller rooms gather qi, otherwise the room too large, it will lose the energy of the occupants, and the room decoration, must be less natural stone.”

Stella asked, “Mr. Wade, I can probably understand everything else, but why do you want to use less stone?”

Charlie explained, “From feng shui, stone material word, and wealth is harmonious, the feng shui is naturally good, but the stone is cold Yin, not suitable for the bedroom, it will affect the body.”

Saying that he added: “The old ancestors had after all limited scientific backing, they can through feng shui, deduced that the stone has an impact on the body, but can not make a scientific explanation.”

“But I saw a report some time ago, saying that all natural stone is radioactive, and the radioactivity of the stone will produce a radioactive substance called radon gas,”

“Which is colorless and tasteless, confirmed by the World Health Organization, has a strong carcinogenic effect on the human body, and is one of the main culprits causing lung cancer,”

“Second only to cigarettes, more stone in the room, night and day with people here, it is like the release of chronic poison over the years,”

“The impact on the human body is nonstop, but most people do not know anything about it, even if they really have lung cancer, but also do not think that lung cancer is likely to be because of the natural stone at home.”

Speaking here, Charlie could not help but sigh: “So from here we can see that our old ancestors were indeed very wise, although they did not have scientific theories, and advanced technology,”

“But they were able to comprehend a set of ways to understand the universe through their remarkable ability, they were able to deduce the impact of natural stone on the body hundreds of thousands of years ago,”

“After hundreds of tof years later, scientists detected the culprit, and also confirmed that our old ancestors had extremely advanced judgment in this matter.”

Stella also couldn’t help but exclaim: “I usually focus on economics and management, I don’t know much about science and technology, and this is the first time I heard about radon gas,”

“But from what Mr. Wade said, the old ancestors did have extraordinary wisdom, which further proves that feng shui divination is not nonsense.”

Charlie said with a smile, “Miss Zhan is so young, it is reasonable to say that she should not care about feng shui.”

Stella shook her head very seriously and said, “I’ve actually always been very reverent of feng shui divination as well as I Ching Bagua, although I don’t know much about it,”

“But I really believe it, this may also be related to my childhood being influenced by my grandfather.”

Charlie nodded and laughed: “These years, the young people who believe in feng shui in China have become less and less.”

Speaking of this, Charlie added: “Miss Zhan, at present, can look at basically is so much, this set of mansion external feng shui excellent, internal a little attention, will certainly be able to smoothen it out.”

Stella nodded slightly and asked: “Mr. Wade, how do you charge for feng shui reading? Do I give you a check or is a direct transfer appropriate?”

Charlie waved his hand and said indifferently, “It’s not very troublesome, Miss Zhan doesn’t need to be so polite, besides, my father-in-law’s painting and calligraphy association also got a lot of help from you, so consider it a courtesy!”