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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3876 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3876 Start

After entering the Villa, Stella took Charlie directly to the lake.

The biggest selling point of the Water Cloud Villa is that it is located halfway up the mountain and on the shore of the City Reservoir.

This place is surrounded by mountains and water, the environment and scenery are excellent, living here is definitely a paradise experience.

However, the only regret is that it is far from the city, really if the peak period in and out of the city, the traffic is more inconvenient.

Charlie came over this morning, is considered the reverse peak, but also better, if the evening after work, along the way more trouble waiting.

In the water cloud Villa, the most expensive building is immediately adjacent to the reservoir side of the villa, a total of only five, two of which were bought by Qin Gang, and cost a lot of money to build and transform into a set.

Seeing that the two were getting closer to the reservoir, Charlie said with a smile, “Miss Zhan bought the waterfront mansion, right?”

“Right.” Stella nodded and smiled, saying, “It is said that the best houses here are these ones facing the water, and I don’t know if there are any precautions in feng shui.”

In fact, after Martina bought a house here, she didn’t know the exact location at all, Martina reported to her, and she didn’t care very much.

However, after finally making an appointment with Charlie yesterday, she had Martina bring her over last night to familiarize herself with the interior of the Water Cloud Villa and the location as well.

Charlie at this moment blandly smiled: “In feng shui, the mountain is a symbol of power, while water is a symbol of wealth, depending on the mountain and water, in feng shui pay attention to water in the front,”

“The mountain in the back, in this way, it means that there is wealth in the front, the back of the mountain, naturally is the best choice.”

“Moreover, the pattern of the Water Cloud Villa is very good, the waterfront mansion in front of the water, just in front of the low and high trend, and sitting north facing south, full of light, is definitely a feng shui treasure.”

Speaking of this, Charlie could not help but laugh: “If I had known that Miss Zhan bought the waterfront mansion here, then I would not have had to come here at all, the feng shui would not have had any problems.”

Stella said with a smile: “How can it be. Mr. Wade, you are a feng shui master, you must have a lot of unique insights into feng shui,”

“I hope you can help me take a closer look to see my house in the internal and external structure and decoration, there is no room for further improvement,”

“I am not looking for prosperity, mainly because I hope that the elderly at home can be healthy and free from disasters.”

Charlie nodded and said, “For this we will indeed have to go in and take a look at it specifically.”

As she spoke, Stella led Charlie to the door of a familiar mansion, the very same mansion of Qin Gang’s family.

Before Charlie could ask her, she took out a magnetic card and swiped it at the access control outside the gate, and the gate automatically opened inward from both sides.

Charlie couldn’t help but stare and asked her, “Miss Zhan, did you buy this mansion?”

“Yes.” Stella nodded and asked curiously, “Mr. Wade is familiar with this mansion?”

Charlie was surprised in his heart, wondering why Qin Gang had actually sold this mansion, and he hadn’t heard any rumors about this matter.

However, he thought about it, Qin Gang is his friend, not his staff, it is impossible to sell a villa and say hello to himself.

So, he said to Stella without showing his voice: “I’ve heard of this mansion before, it is said to be two sets of single-family villas converted,”

“and it can be seen outside that the area and floor space of this villa is much larger than other villas.”

“Right.” Stella laughed: “Heard from the original owner, it is indeed two sets of mansions converted, I heard that it was bought early before, when there was not much control over the villa alteration and addition, but now it is not.”