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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3868 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3868 Start

Jacob could not understand any calligraphy, he only knew that it looked quite neat, but it was still early to say that he could understand the essence of it.

So, he could only praise it indiscriminately: “It’s really good calligraphy! At first glance, it is the work of a great master, so remarkable!”

With one sentence, Jacob made Stella firmly believe that this old man was a big waterboy.

However, she was still very serious and said, “Vice President Willson is right, this is indeed a masterpiece,”

“Although it is not as good as Wang Xizhi’s top calligraphy, but in this part of Aurous Hill, it is definitely one of the best.”

Jacob came up to President Pei at this time and asked him in a casual manner, “President, how much can these eight pieces of calligraphy be worth?”

President Pei said seriously: “Zheng’s words compared to many top people, is not expensive, but in recent years,”

“he excellent works auction price is more than a million, and collection industry you know, the more sets of things, the more expensive,”

“And the more the number of single sets, the more expensive! So these eight words to really put up for auction, tens of millions it can bring in!”

Jacob secretly staggered, couldn’t help but take a look at Stella, thinking: “This girl’s family must be particularly rich, otherwise how could tens of millions of things can they donate?”

President Pei had already opened all eight words one by one and looked at them once, and the more he looked at them, the more delighted he was, and he couldn’t help but ask Stella:

“Miss Zhan, these eight words, are they really going to be donated to the Aurous Hill Calligraphy and Painting Association?”

Stella said without hesitation, “Of course! If President Pei is okay with it, I can sign the donation letter at any time and confirm the donation in writing!”

President Pei was extraordinarily excited and said in a trembling voice, “Hey! This is really thankful to you Miss Zhan! The return of the Eight Sighs of Aurous Hill to Aurous Hill must be a sensational event for the entire Aurous Hill painting and calligraphy community!”

“On behalf of the Calligraphy and Painting Association, as well as all the calligraphers, calligraphy, and painting enthusiasts in Aurous Hill, I would like to thank you for your generous donation!”

Stella said with a smile, “President Pei is too generous, these eight pieces of calligraphy are a token of appreciation from the old man in the family, I am just passing them on behalf of him.”

President Pei asked gratefully, “Miss Zhan, I don’t know what is the name of the old man in your family? I’ll go back and publicize it in the painting and calligraphy circles in Aurous Hill, so that everyone will remember his contribution to the cultural cause of this city!”

Stella seriously said, “President Pei, my grandfather is relatively low-key, about his identity, we do not want to reveal too much, but the old man in the family has always thought about the promotion and development of Aurous Hill history and culture,”

“So this time also authorized me to hold a local art exhibition in the city, this matter, also need to ask the two presidents to help arrange, as for the activities of the money, it is all sponsored,”

“When the exhibition begins, he will definitely be a good example. When the exhibition begins, he will definitely come to Aurous Hill to participate, then also have the opportunity to communicate with you two face to face.”

President Pei nodded and said seriously, “Then when the exhibition starts, we will see the old man again!”

After saying that, he asked tentatively, “Miss Zhan, I wonder what your family’s budget is for the art exhibition?”

Stella said casually, “Initially, let’s set it at 50 million RMB, if it’s not enough, we can add more!”

When President Pei heard the figure of fifty million, his whole body felt dizzy.

Most of the funds of the Painting and Calligraphy Association depended on the financial allocation from the higher level, but the annual allocation was only a few hundred million.

And when the annual funding was insufficient, President Pei would lead everyone to generate income to ensure the smooth operation of the Painting and Calligraphy Association.

Therefore, the tight life is used to, at first hearing an art exhibition on the budget of 50 million, at once simply can not adapt.