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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3853 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3853 Start

At this time, the desperate Smith, still begging the waiter of the Classic Mansion, did not notice that Stella is standing not far away and looking at him.

Smith now only wants to see the people of JX Pharmaceutical, hurry to find a way to get a little JX Renewing pill, otherwise, his son will soon be without medicine.

However, the attendant of the Classic Mansion did not relent at all, and even put out the word, saying, “You gentleman, if you continue to be such a nuisance, we will have to call the police to deal with you!”

Smith saw that the other party’s attitude is firm, so he knew that today here stalking like this he will have no chance, so he had to speak:

“Please tell Mr. Orvel, say that I am going back to the hotel today, and will come back tomorrow to pay him a visit ……”

After saying that, Smith turned around ashenly and left the Classic Mansion on foot.

At this time, Smith’s heart was in turmoil and did not immediately take a taxi back to the hotel where he was staying, but along the road, walking slowly in the direction of the hotel.

Can not even see Orvel, more than that can not see Liang and Charlie. He has a gloomy mood and feels like he is a lost soul wandering on the road.

The CIA executive is still waiting for his news at the hotel, but if they can’t meet JX Pharmaceuticals, the mission will be aborted, and then the two can only return to Washington in the dust.

Just when he was at a loss, he suddenly heard someone say behind him, “Mr. Smith!”

Smith heard this, subconsciously turned back, and saw a wonderful Oriental beauty, is standing behind him.

He recognized her at once and said in surprise, “Miss Fei, why are you here?”

Smith naturally knew Stella.

Although the Fei family’s style of action in the United States is very low-key, like many Jewish families.

But Stella’s grandfather, Douglas these years has made some crazy investment in the field of medical drugs research and development team. In the pharmaceutical circles, his fame is great.

In the United States, there are many wealthy entrepreneurs, but very few of them are able to come up with the amount of money to invest in the field of medical drugs like Douglas.

Therefore, Douglas has a very oriental nickname in the field of medicine, the god of Wealth.

And Smith happens to be the head of the all-American pharmaceutical field, so he knows a lot of projects Douglas has invested in, and has even had a lot of contact with him, and has several meetings with Stella as well in this regard.

Now, suddenly seeing Stella in Aurous Hill, this makes Smith extra surprised, he did not expect Stella such hundreds of billions of dollars family’s first lady, will run into him in such a place.

Stella smiled and said to Smith, “I came to Aurous Hill to do some business, I didn’t expect Mr. Smith was also here, I don’t know what business Mr. Smith came to Aurous Hill for?”

Smith did not cover up, said frankly: “I came to China to see the person in charge of JX Pharmaceutical, to talk about the introduction of drugs.”

Stella was surprised and asked, “You want to see the head of JX Pharmaceuticals, why do you want to find that Orvel?”

“If my information is correct, he is just a leader in the underground world, so he should have nothing to do with JX Pharmaceuticals, right?”