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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 385 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 385 Start

“Oh sh!t!”

Seeing that Charlie didn’t pay much attention to him, Jianjun Gao sneered, and said, “You really are so pretending! Good! Since you like to pretend much, I will let you taste the pain in the world today! fI will first take away your root!”

Junwei Gao hurriedly said to the side: “Dad, don’t rush to hack his roots! I still want to take a picture of his infatuation with his mother-in-law! Or let’s interrupt his hands and feet first and play him slowly!”

“Okay!” Jianjun Gao grinned and said: “Interrupt his hands and feet, and then let him show a live broadcast!”

Elaine and Claire were pale in shock, and Jianjun Gao had aimed his gun at Charlie’s thigh.

He looked at Charlie and sneered: “This is the price you pay for provoking my son!”

After that, he pulled the trigger.

At this time, Charlie quietly let out two true energy from his hands, causing Claire and Elaine to fall asleep deeply.

When Jianjun Gao saw these two women asleep instantly, he was shocked and blurted out: “What’s the matter? These two women are scared?”

“Almost.” Junwei Gao said angrily: “What a f*cking disappointment! I want them to watch Charlie being interrupted!”

Jianjun Gao said: “It’s easy, go get some water and splash them both up! To abolish such a spectacular drama as Charlie, they must witness it with their own eyes.”

Seeing that his wife and mother-in-law were already asleep, Charlie no longer had any scruples. He sneered and said, “Just because of him, you want to destroy me?”

Jianjun Gao pointed his gun at him and said, “Charlie, you dare to pretend to be heard when you die? No matter how awesome you are, can you still have my bullets?!”

Junwei Gao is also full of confidence, yelling: “Charlie, if you kneel down to beg me now, and then put your legs on your own, maybe I can give you a good time later!”

In his opinion, even if Charlie cramped and peeled his skin, he couldn’t get rid of his hatred.

He wanted to drink Charlie’s blood, eat Charlie’s meat, and then cut Charlie into pieces to feed the dog!

Hearing this, Charlie’s eyes were extremely cold, and suddenly with his hands, the handcuffs made of stainless steel broke!

Father and son Gao were stunned by this scene!

What kind of monster is this? Who can with both hands break the handcuffs? !

Junwei Gao hurriedly said in fright: “Dad, this guy is not normal, hit him to death!”

At this time, Charlie sneered and said: “Now you still want to kill me? It’s too late!”

After that, he raised his hand slightly, and he held a thundering order in his hand.

This is the thunder order that caused the sky thunder’s death in Aurous Hill!

Jianjun Gao was a little dumbfounded, he didn’t understand what Charlie was holding.

But instinct told him that this thing is weird!

So, he was afraid that things would change in vain, so he immediately pulled the trigger!

At this moment, Charlie gave a soft sigh: “Thunder come!”

With the fall of these words, thunder light flashed all over his body, the light was immense, like a dragon!

The whole hall is instantly bright as day!

The father and son did not react at all, they saw a white glow in front of them, and then, the sound of thunder rumbling in their ears was endless!

The two felt as if they were in the thundering sea above the nine heavens, and their souls were frightened!