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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 383 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 383 Start

Elaine was so frightened by the vicious plan of the father and son!

She cursed, “You two beasts are not good enough to die, I will kill you!”

Jianjun Gao slapped Elaine directly and sneered: “d*mn, you stinky lady, be honest with me!”

With that, he grabbed Elaine by the hair and dragged her towards the bedroom inside.

Elaine kept resisting, Claire also wanted to come up to rescue her, but Junwei Gao didn’t give her a chance at all, grabbing her arm firmly and making her unable to move.

Jianjun Gao didn’t expect Elaine to have such a fierce temper. He scolded angrily: “d*mn, you stinky lady, believe me or not I will shot you?”

Junwei Gao said at this time: “Dad, Charlie might come at any time. In case, when he comes, your side is not finished, I can’t deal with him alone!”

Jianjun Gao hesitated for a moment, kicked Elaine aside, and said coldly: “Well, in this case, wait until I kill your son-in-law first, and then I will get you!”

Elaine trembled with fright. Now, Charlie’s only chance of survival for herself and her daughter lies with Charlie. If Charlie is really capable, there may be a chance to save herself and her daughter. If Charlie is not capable, the probability is Three people are going to die here…

Thinking of this, Elaine couldn’t help crying, and she felt regretful in her heart.

It’s a pity that if she knew about today, why bother?


Soon, Charlie, who wanted to save Claire, rushed to the riverside villa.

After he got out of the car, he immediately called Claire. After Junwei Gao got on the phone, he asked coldly, “You came alone?”

Charlie said: “Yes, I am by myself!”

Junwei Gao walked to the window, looked at the yard, and said, “The door is unlocked. Come to the yard by yourself, raise your hands to the top of your head and don’t play tricks, otherwise, I will shoot Claire immediately!”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed and immediately pushed open the courtyard door of Junwei Gao’s villa, then raised his hands to the top of his head.

Junwei Gao felt relieved when he saw that he had come by himself.

Then he opened the door, threw out a handcuff, and said to Charlie: “Cuff your hands, don’t play tricks!”

Through the window, Claire shouted loudly, “Charlie, don’t come in! They want to kill you!”

Charlie gave her a relieved look from a distance, but at this time, his heart was already murderous.

Junwei Gao, I will kill you today!

Immediately, Charlie didn’t say anything, and immediately handcuffed his hands with handcuffs, then raised his hands high and said coldly, “Are you satisfied?”

Junwei Gao laughed, Jianjun Gao walked into the yard with a pistol, pointed the gun at Charlie, and said coldly: “Come in!”

Charlie said blankly: “Just enter.”

After all, walked into the villa.

Junwei Gao is extremely excited!

He has been looking forward to this moment these days, looking forward to the moment when he can cut his enemies!