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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 382 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 382 Start

“Oh, Charlie, you didn’t expect it to be me. who called you?”

“Junwei Gao?!” Charlie asked coldly: “Why is Claire’s mobile phone in your hands?”

Junwei Gao sneered: “Because your wife is in my hands now, I’m ready to strip her naked and enjoy her body!”

After talking, Junwei Gao said again: “Oh, yes! I heard that she is still a stranger? Your stinky silk is a failure. You have been married to her for more than three years and failed to engage her. Today I will Break through this last layer for you, hahahahaha!”

Charlie was furious, and he said in an extremely cold voice: “Junwei Gao, I warn you, if dare to hurt my wife a hair, I will kill you!”

“I’ll go to your mother!” Junwei Gao said coldly: “You have 20 minutes to come to the riverside villa. Your wife is not only a virgin.” No guarantee, no guarantee! You can do it yourself!”

At this time, Claire blurted out and shouted: “Charlie, you must never come, they have guns!”

Junwei Gao slapped Claire on the face at this time and cursed: “Grass, why the f*ck you are talking here? If he doesn’t come, you will be dead today!”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said sternly: “It’s me you want to kill, don’t hurt my wife, I will come over!”

Junwei Gao said: “You are only allowed to come alone, otherwise, I will just shoot your wife and then your mother-in-law!”


Charlie hung up the phone, stopped a car without saying anything, and headed to the riverside villa.

Now, his murderous heart almost exploded, he just wanted to break Junwei Gao’s body into pieces!

At this time, Junwei Gao was also excited and intolerable.

He was very sure that as long as Charlie came, he would definitely die, and he would die miserably!

At that time, he could avenge his broken leg, and by the way, in front of him, he would give Claire to him!

At that time, Charlie’s hands and feet will be ridden with bullets, and he could only watch the first time that he takes Claire away like a useless person. At that time Charlie’s heart will be extremely desperate!


Thinking of this, Junwei Gao screamed in excitement!

At the same time, Jianjun Gao next to him was suddenly uncontrollable.

Both Elaine and Claire are so beautiful, he can’t wait to make one first!

For Claire he wants to leave her for his son to get started first, then he might as well take Elaine first!

Thinking of this, he immediately walked up to Elaine and smiled: “Your son-in-law will take another twenty or thirty minutes to come. Why don’t we go to the inner room and have a shot? Have some fun!”

Elaine’s unspeakable anger, she hurriedly stood up, raised her hand just to slap him, and yelled, “Being an old and disrespectful thing, beat your mother to death as$hole!”

Unexpectedly, Jianjun Gao caught this hand before it fell.

Jianjun Gao looked at Elaine, who was struggling with fiery eyes, laughed, and said, “Ms. Elaine, don’t think I have no strength when I am old. Tell you, I am strong, and you will like it!”

Junwei Gao on the side said with a smile: “Dad, I think if I cut Charlie’s hands and feet later, it is better to force her to get together with Charlie. Then we will make some videos and send them to Internet. She will be ruined to death!”

Jianjun Gao laughed: “Let them be cast aside by thousands of people after they die! What a great idea!”