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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3817 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3817 Start

When Sheikh brought this news back, the entire pirate organization in the Gulf of Aden was completely relieved, and even had a feeling of survival after the robbery.

What they were most afraid of was that the Cataclysmic Front was going to drive them to extinction and completely cut off their financial routes.

But what they didn’t expect was that the Cataclysmic Front didn’t intend to completely monopolize the entire Gulf of Aden escort business.

In this way, it left them ample room for survival.

Everyone soon reached two points with joy, firstly: before the website of Cataclysmic Front escort is launched, all speedboats will be rested and no one is allowed to hijack merchant ships at sea so as not to offend Cataclysmic Front;

Secondly: after the website of Cataclysmic Front escort is launched, the website would be strictly used as an action guide and no one would touch any ship escorted by Cataclysmic Front.

Immediately after that, in the shipping industry’s shocking thing appeared.

The entire Gulf of Aden no longer sees any of the pirate speedboats cruising, pirates as if in an instant have collectively withdrawn from this place.

Charlie did not expect that the business of armed escort of the Cataclysmic Front, but carried out so smoothly.

According to this situation, going forward, the Cataclysmic Front in the Gulf of Aden can almost lie down to make money.

Under the premise that these pirates do not dare to provoke the Cataclysmic Front, the Front does not even need to really send escorts, just need to pay the escort fee for the ship’s information, published on their escort website, can lie down and collect money.

And those pirates will definitely not be stupid to come to the Cataclysmic Front and trouble them, after all, there are half other international security companies escorting merchant ships.

As for those international security companies, the pirates are simply not enough to fear, because the scale of some of them are only a few hundred armed personnel.

By no means like the Cataclysmic Front, can take out the head of a pirate organization at any time, the pirates are not afraid of them.

Of course, Charlie also does not suggest that the Cataclysmic Front really lying money, since the high lift to kill into the armed escort this field, it is natural to put the spirit of the face out.

Therefore, he still exhorted Joseph, escort work must not be sloppy and careless, and previously prepared to move to the sea base of the cargo ship once the transformation is completed, to regularly patrol the waters of the Gulf of Aden, and always remind those pirates to roll a little farther.

And in the Gulf of Aden temporarily calm down, Charlie is located in the Aurous Hill but began to dark currents.

In these two days, the Mayo Center in the United States is still continuing to release the treatment effects of JX Renewing Pills.

As the patient’s condition improved significantly each day, the world’s confidence in the JX Renewing Pill is growing.

This has also made countries around the world a little impatient for this medicine.

Especially after learning that the production of this medicine is not much, many of the world’s powerful and noble class also began to be excited about this medicine.

According to Orvel’s report, the number of foreigners arriving in Aurous Hill in the past two days was significantly higher than usual.

Several five-star hotels, which are usually rarely full, are now basically full.

Even the Shangri-La, where business was much cooler before, also has a lot of expatriates living in it.

And these people, most of them are for the JX Renewing pills.