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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3809 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3809 Start

In order to maintain his image in the minds of his men and his position in the Gulf of Aden, Badr immediately gathered his men together and held a mobilization meeting.

Originally, the group of shrimp soldiers under him all looked a little apprehensive after hearing that the boss had declared war with the Cataclysmic Front.

They also knew their own weight, if they really had to fight with them, people like them would not have even the slightest chance of winning.

The other side is a long-standing top mercenary, but they even don’t have well-practiced marksmanship.

They will only hold an AK47 on the target blind blitz of the hanger-on pirates, this to really do with the Cataclysmic Front enemies, afraid of how to die, they do not know.

However, Badr can sit at the head of the pirate organization, more or less have two brushes, he did know the word to say to these members of the pirates. Use rhetoric, impassioned from evening until dark.

In order to stir up their deepest anger, he even took the initiative to use his own movie-watching projection equipment to play the video uploaded by the Cataclysmic Front on a loop to all his men, finally succeeding in igniting the anger of all his men.

So, he immediately incited: “If we do not drive the Cataclysmic Front out of the Gulf of Aden, then in the future our brothers, and even ourselves, may meet the same fate,”

“At that time, in our Gulf of Aden, there will be no room for us to survive! Are you guys willing to give up such a good deal as pirates, paddling a canoe to go to the sea to fish?”

A group of men immediately shouted no.

Because they have long been accustomed to piracy. Such fast money and little risk occupation, naturally they are not willing to find another way of life.

After all, in a place like Somalia, the difficulty of making money is much greater than going to sea to rob.

Once they revert back to farmers or fishermen, then they would rather hold a gun and go to the other side for a duel even to the death.

Seeing that his men’s fighting spirit was mobilized, Badr immediately gave an order and said in a loud voice: “Tonight, we will prepare our boats and weapons properly,”

“And tomorrow morning, we will attack with our whole army! Search the Gulf of Aden for the cargo ships of the ISU Shipping! No matter what, we must seize one!”

His second-in-command couldn’t help but say, “Boss, the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front are extremely strong in single combat, I’m afraid it’s hard to achieve if we want to take down the cargo ship they are escorting!”

Badr said in a cold voice: “I know that the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front are very strong in single combat, but the number of people they can allocate to each cargo ship is certainly not too many,”

“So our people, after finding the cargo ship of the ISU Shipping, do not act rashly, but immediately report the coordinates and address, and after the other speedboats go to reinforce, join forces to hijack this one cargo ship down!”

Saying that Badr continued: “If we do not put down the Front and ISU Shipping this time, then in the future the fame of the Front in the Gulf of Aden continues to rise,”

“It will only become more and more difficult so, we must first succeed in hijacking a cargo ship of the ISU Shipping no matter what, so that the reputation of the Front tank, while also making the ISU Shipping pay a huge price. “

The second leader hurriedly asked him, “Boss, what do you plan to do with the cargo ship of ISU Shipping?”

Badr said with a gloomy look on his face, “After we snatch the ship down, we will kill all the crew members on board along with the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front and throw them into the sea!”

“We will also take a video of the whole thing and post it on the Internet. I want the whole world to know what will happen if they p!ss us off!”

After that, Badr said: “As for the hijacked ship, we will ask for 100 million dollars from the ISU Shipping Company to redeem it, and if they do not pay, we will unload the valuable things on board and sink the ship!”

Then, Badr continued: “If the ISU shipping company honestly handed over 100 million dollars, then give the brothers 30,000 each! Whoever takes the first credit in stealing the ship gets one hundred thousand!”

Thirty thousand dollars, for the pirates, is absolutely an astronomical figure.

They lick the blood every day, in fact, do not earn much money, the bulk of the pirate organization leaders and senior take, to their hands, but also a few times higher than the average local level.

Do not look a few times higher, in fact, each person is only earning a few thousand dollars a year.

So, when Badr gave the promise of $30,000, everyone’s heart was thrilled beyond measure.

So, the pirates began to prepare for the night, all will set out early the next morning to besiege the ISU Shipping freighter.