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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3805 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3805 Start

The junior captain of the Cataclysmic Front said with a serious face: “What are you talking about? You came here to rob our escort ship, and we didn’t kill you,”

“We even gave you a lifeboat, and you say I’m trying to get you killed? You do not think, even if you six s(ums are sold, it is not worth this lifeboat!”

The pirate cried out in anger: “Then you do good in the end, at least leave an engine so that we can sail back to the base!”

The captain laughed and said, “It’s okay, I see your base, it’s only a hundred nautical miles, row it, and go back.”

“Row back ……” the pirate broke down, crying in protest: “Even if we do paddle back, it will take at least a few days! We have no food or water, how can we go back alive ……”

The captain asked with a surprised face: “You are not pirates? Pirates at sea are still afraid of no food and water? In the Gulf of Aden, the sail of merchant ships is too many, you can start robbing anytime!”

Hearing this, the pirates were full of despair.

Their weapons were seized, and even ropes to climb the cargo ship are gone, and the lifeboat without power is not even a boat,”

“It also full of holes, in this case, not to mention the hijacking of the cargo ship, even the breaking waves from the sides will be overturned.

At this time, the captain of the Cataclysmic Front said, “All right, it’s late, it’s time to get on the road.”

Saying that, he instructed his subordinates around him, “Release the lifeboats!”

Subordinates immediately start the lift, the lifeboat began to slowly descend from the side of the ship.

The pirates at this time, where there was the original arrogant attitude, now each crying and mourning, as if they were already dying.

The leader of the gang saw the lifeboat has been constantly put down, in panic shouted: “Brother, give us a little freshwater …… or we really can not hold on ……”

The young captain lying on the ship’s side fence, said with a smile: “I think you should pray to God to give you a rain more realistic.”

The man looked around the sky, the entire sky over the Gulf of Aden can be said to be a clear blue sea, cloudless, according to this trend, in a week it may not rain.

At this point, the captain pulled out a pistol from his waist and fired several shots with great precision to hit the rope hanging from the lifeboat.

Immediately after, the rope broke, the entire lifeboat from the side of the ship hanging more than a few meters high, fell sharply, smashed into the sea.

With six people screaming like crazy, the whole lifeboat boomed, smashed heavily on the surface of the sea, the bullet holes previously pierced by the gun, because of the water pressure, started spraying a straight column of water.

These six people were also thrown to the ground, and some even fell into the sea.

Some of them fell into the sea and didn’t come back up, while the few people left on the ship, after desperately trying to stabilize it, began to desperately splash water outward with their hands.

And there were even people using their hands and feet to try to plug the 20-odd bullet holes in the bottom of the ship.

At this point, the junior captain of the Cataclysmic Front remembered something and asked his subordinate, “Oh yes, there are no life jackets in the boat, right?”

The other party replied, “Don’t worry, captain, there are life jackets, but they are all poked in advance, and they can’t blow up even if they are tired.”

Said the other side and continued, “In addition, those bottled water inside, we also in advance replaced them with seawater, as for the compressed cookies, we left a little, but the more you eat the more thirsty you get, it is estimated that there is better than not.”

The captain gave a thumbs up and exclaimed from the bottom of his heart, “Well done!”

As a matter of fact, when several people in the lifeboat saw that there was no hope of plugging the leak, the person in charge immediately shouted, “Look for the emergency box! This kind of lifeboat must have an emergency box! Maybe there are life jackets, food, and water!”