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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 380 Free Novel

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For him, he dreamed of getting Claire’s body.

Claire is the No. 1 beauty in Aurous Hill, and she definitely deserves this title, it can be said to be the best among the best.

And now, such a nearly perfect woman will soon belong to him, how not excited his heart is!

Hearing this, Elaine, who was next to him, couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t Junwei Gao say to apologize to Claire before confessing to her?

But now, what is going on?

She hurriedly stepped forward and stopped and said, “Junwei, what’s the matter with you? That’s not what you said to auntie!”

“Say a bullsht!” Junwei Gao’s expression changed. He kicked Elaine directly on the ground and sneered: “You really thought I asked you to call your daughter over to confess to her. To be your son-in-law? You are less fcking daydreaming!”

As he said, he continued with an icy expression: “Just like you snob, who is open to money, is also worthy of my future mother-in-law? I tell you, I just want to go inside Claire, not only I want to go to her, My dad wants to go too!”

At this time, Jianjun Gao came over with a pistol and said with a smile: “Son, you are half right. I not only want to be with Claire, I also want to try this Elaine! A charming mature woman of this age, she is my favorite!”

Elaine’s face pale in fright, and blurted out: “You can’t do this…this is illegal!”

“Follow your mother’s law!” Junwei Gao cursed coldly: “Today we not only wanted to f*ck you two, but we also called Charlie over and shot him! A sling waste, dare to fight me, and do it. Broke my leg, I must blow his dog’s head with one shot in front of you two!”

Elaine cried in fright and blurted out: “Junwei, this is your personal grievance with Charlie. It has nothing to do with us. How can you settle accounts with Charlie? We don’t care, but you have to let us go first. Okay!”

“Let you go?” Junwei Gao said contemptuously: “You are simply dreaming! Today neither you nor Claire can leave!”

Elaine cried and said, “Junwei, Auntie believes that you are not a bad boy. The reason why you took this path is because Charlie broke your leg. Auntie begs you. You let Auntie and Claire go on a horse, okay?”

“I’m not a bad boy?” Junwei Gao laughed, squatting directly on the ground, staring at Elaine’s horrified face, and said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, the reason why you and your husband Jacob had a car accident that day was because of me. The arrangement was that I found the driver of a muck truck and gave him 200,000, let him deliberately run a red light, hit Jacob’s BMW, and caused him to be paraplegic in a high position!”

As soon as these words came out, Claire’s heart was extremely angry!

She blurted out: “Junwei Gao! Why did you do this? When did my parents offend you?”

Junwei Gao laughed and said, “Your parents didn’t offend me, but who made me like you? Who made me like you, but you didn’t answer me? I like you, you don’t give me a chance. Then I will create opportunities!”

As he said, Junwei Gao said again: “You said, if I don’t knock your dad into that forceful way, and then let the Doctor Zhongjing treat your dad, how can I win your favor and finally put you to sleep? “

“Hey…” Junwei Gao sighed at this point, gritted his teeth and said: “It’s a pity! Who thought that his sh!t magical medicine would not work at all, and halfway through Charlie Rubbish, otherwise. , Maybe you are my woman now!”

“Blame that d*mn Charlie! He ruined the entire plan! He also told Mr. Orvel to throw me out of the window, causing me to become lame at a young age! This hatred, I must take the original It’s a good report!”

Claire shouted angrily: “Junwei Gao! Are you not afraid of being punished and struck by lightning?!”

“The sky thunders?” Junwei Gao smiled: “Okay, as long as you can be a super beauty of Aurous Hill, even if God really wants to kill me, then I will recognize it! But before that, you let me be well Let’s talk about it again!”