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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 38 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 38 Start

Wendy asked deliberately at this time: “Charlie, didn’t you also book a box in Classic Mansion? Which one is it? Take us to open our eyes?”

Charlie said lightly: “I can’t remember which one is specific. I just sent a text message to their boss and asked him to help arrange it, and wait for me to look at the text message record.”

Harold sarcastically said, “Do you know who the boss here is? Just save your big talk here. The boss here is the famous Mr. Orvel. You dare to say such big things. Beware that Orvel hears it will you with fingers.”

At this time, Charlie turned on the phone and checked the text message Orvel sent to him last night and said lightly: “He said that he left me the Diamond Box.”

When Harold heard Charlie’s words, he immediately laughed: “Hahaha Diamond Box? Charlie, you are afraid to laugh at me. Do you know who can go to the Diamond Box? Prince of Aurous Hill is eligible to enter the Diamond Box, no more than ten people! You’re a sh!t!”

Elsa has not spoken, but she can’t help but think to herself that this Charlie also loves face too much, so how could he get the diamond box in his capacity? She used to think that this person had no money and power and was a little bit useless, but she did not expect him to be such a person who admires vanity.

What a disappointment!

Charlie laughed and didn’t say anything. In his opinion, these people who ridiculed themselves were with low mental retardation, but he didn’t bother to be familiar with them.

Gerald also sarcastically said: “Charlie, even my father is not qualified to eat in the diamond box, you dare to brag!”

Wendy echoed: “Brother Gerald, let alone eating in the Diamond Box, this kind of person is not eligible to eat leftovers in the Diamond Box!”

Charlie looked at Gerald and couldn’t help but sneer.

You stupid bird, Mr. Orvel just beat your brother yesterday, do you still dare to come to his restaurant for dinner?

So he deliberately asked: “Brother Gerald, I heard that something happened to your brother yesterday?”

Gerald frowned: “How do you know?”

After that, Gerald said again: “My brother was assaulted yesterday, and he is still unconscious. We are investigating who injured him and stripped him at that time! Do you have any clue?”

Charlie shook his head and deliberately pretended to be stupid: “I don’t know. I just heard that something happened to him. I don’t know what happened.”

“Humph!” Gerald said contemptuously: “You Rubbish, don’t talk about my White family with that mouth. Next time, be careful that I’ll not polite to you!”

Charlie smiled and ignored him.

Sure enough, it is a family of idiots!

Don’t even know that his brother was knocked unconscious by Orvel? It’s really interesting.

At this moment, a man in black rushed straight to the crowd and met him.

Seeing him a little familiar, Charlie remembered that he was one of Orvel’s bodyguards.

When the man saw Charlie, he recognized him, his face was full of enthusiasm and kindness, and he almost immediately bowed to him.

Charlie shook his head hurriedly towards him.

The black-clothed man hurriedly stopped, thinking that Mr. Charlie does not like being too high-profile, so he directly said: “Guests, please come with me, the box has been prepared for a long time.”

Harold was taken aback when he heard the words. When did the golden box service of Classic Pavilion be so attentive, someone came to greet him personally before he reported his name.

What a face!

Gerald on the side sighed: “Harold, your reputation is really big enough. I think he seems to be a person next to Mr. Orvel. It seems that Mr. Orvel attaches great importance to you. Did you know Mr. Orvel? Didn’t you hear it? Yes, you are really low-key.”

Harold laughed and said with a smug face: “There is no need to show off this kind of thing. It’s better to keep a low profile! Hahahaha!”