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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3791 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3791 Start

Because of the failure of the test, the entire laboratory was in a state of despair.

The reason for the despair was not that they could not imitate the JX Renewing Pill, but that they had imitated it exact molecular level, but the results were very different.

This instantly put everyone at a dead end.

If it is useless to imitate it exactly the same, then what should be done to make it useful?

Rogers was also completely confused, he paced back and forth with the imitation pill, saying: “What can we do next ……”

“What can we do next …… making it exactly the same, it does not work, should we try a different direction?”

Several pharmaceutical experts are also full of frustration.

They have been in the business for so many years, they have not encountered such an unbelievable thing.

Smith pondered for a moment, remembered something, and asked Roger: “Could it be that JX Pharmaceuticals has some different process in the preparation?”

Rogers rubbed his forehead and asked, “What exactly does that mean?”

Smith said, “For example, do they use boiling and then air-drying, or do they use baking, or do they expose it to the sun for seventy-nine days or something like that ……”

Roger was confused and asked, “Why seventy-nine days? What’s the logic here?”

Smith said, “I do not know, my daughter is reading the English version of “Journey to the West”, a Chinese mythological story,”

“Where the immortals refining elixirs, usually using the square number, such as seventy-seven forty-nine, ninety-nine eighty-one ……”

Rogers said awkwardly, “This is too fcuking weird, right?”

Smith said seriously: “This thing is now becoming just very metaphysical, so we also have to think, is there something metaphysical that we have not noticed.”

Saying that he continued, “By the way, I heard that Chinese medicine itself also has a lot of instructions, such as how much water to add, how long to boil, high heat or low heat, each step has an effect that is different ……”

Smith remembered something, hurriedly added: “Right, the Journey to the West” also said that sometimes the production of elixirs, also needs to use rootless water to do, if the use of other water can not achieve the desired medicinal effect!”

Rogers rubbed his temples and asked him, “What is this rootless water again?”

Smith said, “The so-called rootless water, the Western travelogue above the interpretation of rainwater descending from the sky, because the rain is from the sky, so it is said to be rootless water.”

Roger almost fainted and said off the top of his head, “No matter where the water comes from, is it not H2O?”

“Why is rainwater more powerful than other water? Isn’t rainwater also converted from water vapor evaporated from the ocean?”

Smith spread his hands and said, “So that’s metaphysics! If it has a scientific basis, then it is science, precisely because there is no scientific basis, that’s why it is called metaphysics.”

Roger asked him, “So what you’re saying is, next we’re going to have different teams, all trying to prepare this recipe in different ways?”

“For example, one cooks it on high heat, other cooks it on low heat, one uses natural air drying, other uses high-temperature baking?”

“And then have them try different water like one uses rainwater from the sky, one uses well water from the ground, other uses snow water from melting snow mountains?”