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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 379 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 379 Start

Where did Elaine know that this push not only pushed her daughter into the fire pit, but also pushed herself into the fire pit.

Now she is full of hope that Claire can clear up her suspicions with Junwei Gao, and then have a good impression of Junwei Gao, the son-in-law who is in her own mind.

In this way, she could divorce Charlie’s Rubbish and then marry Junwei Gao.

As soon as Claire was pushed by her mother, she couldn’t help feeling a little angry.

Mom usually has no morals, no bottom line, and even a love for money, which she can’t bear.

However, she is still thinking about herself now, which makes her really disappointed!

She was about to turn around and go out, but she did not expect Junwei Gao to lock the door directly at this time.

Claire said with a cold face, “Junwei Gao, please let me out!”

“Claire, it’s all here, don’t you go so anxiously! How about going into the house and having a chat?”

Junwei Gao stood in front of Claire, staring at the woman in front of him with fiery eyes, watching her slender and straight legs, slender waist, perfect figure, pretty face, and his heart was excited…

This woman really exudes charm everywhere, which makes his heart hotter and hotter.

Claire looked at him in disgust, and said coldly: “I have nothing to chat with you, please let me go!”

Elaine was still on the sidelines and said stupidly: “Oh, Claire, why is your child’s attitude so bad? Talk to Junwei!”

Claire said coldly: “I have nothing to say to him!”

After finishing speaking, she pointed at Junwei Gao and warned: “Junwei Gao, please get out of the way, I want to go out!”

Junwei Gao looked at Claire with a cold expression, and suddenly laughed!

At the same time, he also changed another face, with a scornful and sinister smile on his face: “Claire, do you really take yourself seriously?! Tell you, I asked you to come, just because I saw it. You, don’t be shameless! Otherwise, you will suffer in the future!”

Claire’s expression changed, and she asked, “Junwei Gao, what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?”

Junwei Gao laughed and said in a wretched tone: “Of course I want to f*ck you!”

Hearing this, Claire was shocked, and her heart was terrified, and she immediately ran out.

But before she took a step, Junwei Gao held her wrist tightly and she couldn’t move.

Claire said angrily: “You! let me go!”

Junwei Gao stared at her pretty face and said with a smile: “Claire, you look more and more beautiful! I really want to f*ck you now!”

At this time, he looked at Claire’s beautiful and moving appearance, looked at the face and figure that were so perfect that she was fascinating, his eyes were already terrifyingly hot.