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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 378 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 378 Start

Having said that, he took out a black pistol from his waist, checked it last, and said with a cold face: “After Charlie came, I will just shoot him! I will give you revenge!”


Claire still didn’t know everything at this time.

She waited for a while at the entrance of the riverside villa, and saw her mother Elaine trot out to meet her.

Afterwards, Elaine opened the gate of the community and greeted her: “Claire, come in!”

Claire greeted her hurriedly.

When she came to her mother, Claire couldn’t help asking: “Mom, why haven’t I heard you say that you know friends who live in a riverside villa!”

The Riverside Villa is located on the Yangtze River in Aurous Hill, next to the river view. It is one of the local high-end communities. The people who live here are either rich or expensive, which is obviously beyond Elaine’s normal social scope.

Elaine grinned and said: “I have an old classmate. She recently made a fortune in business. Just bought a villa here. Isn’t this just thinking about renovation? They said, the renovation budget is 8 million! Is it a big deal?”

Claire smiled and said: “Of course, normal home improvement, more than one million is considered a big order.”

Elaine smiled and said: “That’s good! Let’s go there quickly, you can take a look at the layout of the house and give a rough decoration plan.”

“That’s great!”

Soon, Elaine took Claire to the door of Villa 8 and rang the doorbell.

The luxurious door opened, and then Junwei Gao appeared at the door with a warm smile on her face.

As soon as the door opened, Junwei Gao said with a smile: “Claire, long time no see.”

She was taken aback for a moment, her pretty face instantly turned cold, she ignored him, and directly questioned Elaine behind her: “Mom, this friend you are talking about is it him?!”

Elaine said awkwardly: “Claire, don’t worry, Junwei has prepared a surprise for you!”

Junwei Gao nodded hurriedly, flashed around, revealing the rose love on the floor of the entrance hall.

Claire asked Elaine angrily: “Mom, it turns out that you and Junwei Gao joined forces to lie to me?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Claire, listen to me, Junwei is sincere to you…”

Junwei Gao also hurriedly explained: “Claire, it’s not about Auntie, I asked Auntie to help me invite you over.”

Claire looked at Elaine with a bit of chill expression, and said, “Mom, you really disappointed me!”

After speaking, she turned around to leave.

Elaine hurriedly blocked Claire’s path, and persuaded, “Claire, it’s your mother, I didn’t lie to you. It’s all for your own good. Junwei really has cooperation and wants to talk to you. The villa belongs to him and is about to be decorated.”

Claire frowned and said angrily: “I am not the same with him!”

Elaine glared at her and said, “What are you talking about? In order to apologize to you, Junwei’s attitude is low enough. Look, how nice this kid is! What are you still doing?”

As she said, she urged: “Oh, we are all here, just listen to what Mom said, and communicate with Junwei, even if the matter between you two fails, it’s good to talk about cooperation, isn’t it?”

After finishing talking, she didn’t wait for Claire to react, she pushed Claire directly into the house!