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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3777 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3777 Start

After Charlie rushed back from the Middle East last night, he did not leave home today.

Because today happens to be Saturday, Claire also did not go to the company, the couple will put their own small vegetable garden rearranged.

Mother-in-law also followed with crutches to give a hand, but because of leg inconvenience, basically can not help.

The two of them worked all day until the sky was dark, finally, the vegetable garden was cleaned up properly.

Claire picked some fresh beans and took the initiative to make a bean casserole for Charlie.

She, a southern girl, does not know how to make this northern pasta, but only in the short video platform brushed up on other people’s tutorials,”

“Plus their own vegetable garden beans are just ripe, so she wants to show Charlie some of her skills.

So, Claire pulled her mother to go to the kitchen to work together, while Charlie stayed in the small vegetable garden to put together the tools used today.

At this time, Orvel’s phone call came.

Once the call came through, Orvel spoke respectfully, “Master Wade, I heard Liang say that you gave me an agency job?”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled, “He told you?”

“Talked to me ……” Orvel heatedly smiled and said, “He said it is a foreigner who is to be invited for dinner,”

“And then asked me to be an intermediary and charge that foreigner five million dollars, saying that he was afraid that he remembered wrongly, so I came to confirm with you. “

Charlie casually laughed: “He did not remember wrong, when the foreigner finds you, tell him that if he wants to ask Liang to dinner, first bring five million dollars to you.”

Orvel said in surprise: “Really want five million dollars ah? The other side won’t think I’m here to rip people off, right?”

Charlie laughed: “It’s okay, just tell him that today’s offer is five million dollars, and then it will increase by one million dollars every day, so he can consider it himself.”

Orvel guessed from Charlie’s tone of voice that he was definitely going to fix someone again, so he hurriedly said, “Okay Master Wade, I remember, after the other party pays, I will transfer it to you at the first time.”

Charlie said, “No need, this money you and Liang share equally, consider it as pocket money.”

Orvel said: “How can I do this …… this life is saved by you, Master Wade, I take anyone’s money, but not your money, no I ……”

Charlie laughed: “You are my men, you do not take my money, who else’s money can you take?”

A sentence asked the Orvel, and he doesn’t know how to respond now.

Charlie then said casually: “You two usually have to face quite a lot of worry, this money as a small token of appreciation for you, there is no need to be polite with me, and this money is not mine, the big man is paying it.”

Orvel hastily said gratefully: “I understand, thank you, Master Wade!”

Charlie gave a hint and instructed him, “After the other party pays, you can arrange his accommodation and put him in the Shangri-La Hotel.”

Orvel asked, “Master Wade, what if he doesn’t pay today?”

Charlie smiled, “No, he will definitely pay today.”

Orvel then said, “Okay Master Wade, then I’ll make the arrangements.”