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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 377 Free Novel

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Junwei Gao’s father, Jianjun Gao, has not spoken, but looked at Elaine up and down. He felt that although this woman was a little older, she was still very charming, and she was the kind of person who had a better taste among her peers.

Looking at Elaine at this time, his gaze was a bit greedy, and he thought to himself, when Claire arrived, he will immediately tied up these girls. When the time comes, he will taste the taste of Elaine.

If he has time, he can even try that young and beautiful Claire!

Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Elaine: “Oh, Ms. Elaine, if your family can come together with ours, then we will be married in the future too!”

Elaine looked at Jianjun Gao and nodded repeatedly, and flattered: “Mr. Junwei Gao, it is the first blessing of our family to be able to be with you!”

Jianjun Gao smiled and said, “Ms. Arima is in the middle of the match. I think the two children will be able to come together.”

Elaine agreed with him and said: “I have the same views as you! The two children, talented and beautiful, are really perfect match. Don’t worry, I will persuade Claire to divorce Charlie waste!”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly said to Junwei Gao: “Junwei, don’t think that Claire was married, and you have an opinion on her because of the second marriage. In our family Claire was long married to Charlie’s Rubbish, but she has guarded her body like jade!”

Junwei Gao suddenly became excited.

Guarded her body like jade?

Does Claire still retain her chastity?

God! That’s awesome!

Today, Claire, a famous beauty in Aurous Hill, will be captured by him for the first time!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help being excited, and wished he could rectify Claire on the spot immediately.

Elaine was thinking of petty gains. She couldn’t understand the viciousness of Junwei Gao’s heart. She didn’t even know that the catastrophe was imminent. Instead, she smiled and said, “Oh, I’m going to take it for the first time. You can wait a while. “

The father and son sent her out, and when they returned to the house, they both had ghosts.

Junwei Gao couldn’t help saying, “Dad, Claire is still a problem. If you kill her at once, it would be too bad, right?”

Jianjun Gao said coldly: “If you kill, you will be a hundred. If she stays alive, problems will happen sooner or later!”

Junwei Gao said: “Let’s kill Elaine and Charlie first, and put Claire under house arrest in the basement. Our villa is so soundproofed and the distance from other homes is so large. No one will be able to find.”

Jianjun Gao’s eyes lit up, and he blurted out: “You mean to keep Claire under house arrest for a long time?”

“That’s right!” Junwei Gao said: “Otherwise, isn’t such a beautiful big beauty a violent thing?”

Jianjun Gao thought about it, and said to Junwei Gao: “Then, let’s bring Charlie to kill first, then put Elaine and Claire on, and then kill Elaine, Claire just as you said. Imprisoned in the basement of the villa, she belongs to you every Monday, three, five and seven, and every week, four and six to me!”

Junwei Gao was stunned. He didn’t expect that his father would still want to get a share of Claire’s affairs.

But it doesn’t matter if you think about it carefully. After all, once he kills Charlie, he must kill Elaine. In that case, Claire must hate him to the bone.

At that time, they have only two choices, either kill her and kill her completely, or imprison her as a plaything.

Since it is a plaything, it doesn’t hurt to have one more person to share the game.

So he nodded and said to Jianjun Gao: “Dad, I listen to you.”

Jianjun Gao immediately raised his eyebrows and said cheerfully, “That’s good!”