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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3766 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3766 Start

Smith looked like he has had a sudden realization, said: “Yes! It is very possible! The Chinese pharmaceutical companies like to add chemical drugs or other active ingredients of modern medicine to herbal ingredients!”

He said, he hurriedly added: “I think it is better to take a little sample from the pill and send it to the laboratory for a good examination!”

The pharmacy expert named Matthew held his chin, said with a puzzled face: “With such a fast-acting cycle, it is indeed possible to contain some kind of hormone,”

“But with my understanding of existing hormones, there seems to be no hormone for Jimmy’s current physical condition, if there is to be such a hormone, we would have used it long ago …… will not wait until now ……”

The crowd was stony-faced.

Because what Matthew said, seems to be quite reasonable.

They have long thought of all the treatment and rescue means that can be thought of, all the means that can be used have also been used more than once.

There is really no hormone that can have such a good positive effect.

Smith asked again, “So could it be that they found some kind of hormone that we haven’t discovered yet?”

Matthew said awkwardly, “No, if they really found or invented a new hormone, and it has such a good effect, they can directly register a patent, and then export this hormone to the world. It doesn’t make sense!”

“Fcuk ……” Smith scratched his head and said offhandedly, “I have to admit, this stuff has got me confused ……”

Just then, Jimmy in the bed spoke up in surprise, “I’m seeing better and better! Mom! I can probably see your face clearly already mom!”

“Really?!” When Jenny heard this, she was wildly happy, and her tears fell one after another.

Although she was not a doctor or an expert in the field of medicine, she was, after all, a top senior Ivy League graduate.

She knew that the reason why her son could not see anything was that the visual nerve was compressed by the tumor.

So now she also knows very well that since her son gradually regained his vision, this proves that the tumor that was compressing his visual nerve has, in all probability, gone into remission!

She choked up and said, “That’s great! That’s wonderful!”

Jimmy’s strength in his hands had improved, so he lifted his right hand, which still had an IV tube and oxygen monitor, with great difficulty, and gently wiped the tears from the corners of his mother’s eyes, saying, “Don’t cry, Mom, you should be happy that I’m getting better.

Jimmy was able to lift his arm and was able to wipe away the tears from the corner of Jenny’s eyes with such precision that everyone looked on in amazement.

The attending doctor patted his face and said to himself, “Am I hallucinating ……”

Smith at this point excited, rushed forward, squatting in front of his son and asked him, “Jimmy, can you see Dad’s face?”

Jimmy opened his mouth and said, “Dad, above your nose, why is there a red lump ……”

Smith subconsciously touched the bump on his nose, also like his wife, could not help but tear up and choked:

“Dad may have some endocrine disorders in the past two days, it does not matter, after a few days it will be fine.”

Saying that, he grabbed his son’s hand and cried, “Jimmy, you can finally see mommy and daddy’s face …… I thought you would never see us again in this life ……”

At this point, the whole ward was about to explode.

All the specialists were exchanging heads in twos and threes, and their faces were each written with shock and disbelief.

The attending doctor murmured, “How did …… exactly how did …… even if it really is hormones that can bring back the state, but it is never possible for the oppressed optic nerve to follow the recovery!”

“Vision recovery, must be caused by the tumor becoming smaller to reduce the compression …… but this is too fast ……”

Other experts were even more amazed.

These are all people who have been fighting with cancer for decades, and their respective attacks cover various cancer categories, from head to toe, from front to back, from inside to outside, with extremely rich experience related to cancer.

But the richer they were, the more they could not see what was in front of them.

This was because it had overturned all the relevant experience they had accumulated over the decades.

At this moment, the attending doctor hurriedly said to the assistant beside him, “Hurry up and inform the nuclear medicine center, and have the doctors in charge of PET-CT get ready to do a full-body scan on Jimmy!”

PET-CT is different from ordinary CT because it can scan the whole body of the patient, and it can get tomographic images of every direction of the whole body at one time, which is the best choice to check the whole body tumor condition of cancer patients.

Only through this means, the doctor can thoroughly see the tumor in Jimmy’s body in the shortest time, and what exactly is the situation now.

Plus, Jimmy has been in this hospital for most of his treatment, and this hospital has had his CT images from every stage of his life for several years, with the most recent scan just over half a month ago.

So, just hurry up and give him another full-body scan and compare the results with the one from half a month ago to find out what has happened to the cancer cells in his body, exactly!