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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3758 Free Novel

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Jenny at this moment couldn’t help but complain: “Since you got into the FDA, your character has become more and more extreme and harsh.”

“Modern medicine is not the only thing that works in this world, so why do you have to bash other medical treatments?”

Smith said very seriously: “I am not to bash other, but any treatment must withstand the perfect test and scrutiny! This is the principle of science!”

Jenny asked him rhetorically, “And do you believe in God?”

“I ……” Smith was speechless for a moment.

In the United States, if a person openly says he does not believe in God, then he will certainly be rejected by the entire society.

Because this country, even the president came to power, have to take the oath of office in the last sentence, say God bless America.

So, believing in God, here is political correctness.

Even if you really do not believe, you can not deny its existence.

So, Smith was embarrassed all of a sudden, stammering, “God is more of a faith and guidance for us, how can an uncritical, unknown medicine be compared with God?”

Jenny said in a cold voice: “I know that you don’t have God in your heart because you don’t believe in God at all.”

“I don’t!” As if his tail had been stepped on, Smith hurriedly said in a loud voice: “You know, I go to church with you every week and pray to God every time,”

“So how can I not believe in God? I just don’t believe in this proprietary medicine.”

Jenny said very meanly, “Don’t think I don’t know that every time you go to church with me, your heart is always perfunctory!”

“I’ve never seen the fear of God in you! For all these years, you’ve been like this!”

Smith was about to retort, but just then he suddenly heard a boy’s voice, asking, “Dad, Mom, what are you arguing about?”

He subconsciously looked at his son in the hospital bed and saw that he had woken up, so he said puzzled, “Your mother said I don’t believe in God, when did I not believe in God?”

Only after saying that did he come back to his senses and blurt out, “Oh my God! Jimmy! You’re awake? The sedative must have worn off, how are you doing now?”

Jenny also subconsciously turned around and saw that her son had indeed woken up, and hurriedly reached out to touch his forehead and asked,

“Jimmy, how are you feeling? Don’t be afraid, mommy is here, mommy will always be with you ……”

Jimmy said softly, “I feel so thirsty, also a little hungry ……”

Jenny was busy passing the straw on the glass of water to his mouth and spoke, “Jimmy quickly drink some water!”

After saying that, her whole person suddenly stared wide-eyed, exploded generally asked, “Jimmy, you …… you can hear it?!”

Smith also froze, before his son was injected with sedatives, it was because of the loss of hearing, so some agitation, the doctor was afraid that his life was in danger.

So he was injected with sedatives.

However, the son can now talk to his wife, which is enough to prove that his hearing has been restored!

Jimmy nodded his head and said, “I can hear you, and …… and ……”

The couple hurriedly pursued the question, “And what?!”

Jimmy blinked hard and spoke, “And I feel …… like I can see a little light now ……”

“What?!” Smith was confused and blurted out, “Can you …… you can see mom and dad?!”

“Not yet ……” Jimmy said, “It’s just that it’s gone from pitch black to some light in front of my eyes, and I can vaguely see some outlines,”

“But these outlines are very faint and blurry… …”

Smith said: “Dad will turn on all the lights!”

After saying that, he hurriedly turned on all the lights in the ward to the brightest, excitedly asked: “Jimmy, how do you feel now?”

Jimmy is also a little excited, his voice is a little trembling said: “I can see things more clearly …… Dad …… I can see you!”

“I can see your outline! But now can not see your features ……”

Jenny immediately covered her mouth with both hands and choked uncontrollably, “Oh my God …… it’s a miracle! A miracle!”