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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3757 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3757 Start

Jenny asked: “Where is the medicine? Quickly bring it!”

Smith said: “In the car, I’m going to get it.”

Two minutes later, Smith returned to the ICU ward with the box of JX Renewing Pills.

Once Jenny saw that he really had a box of pills in his hand, she grabbed it and asked him out of the blue, “Is this medicine for oral use? How would he take it?”

“It’s for oral use.” Smith said with some hesitation: “But I really do not know exactly how to get him eat it, the person who gave me the medicine did not tell me.”

Jenny took the medicine in her hand and looked at it, and it was good to see that the back of the medicine box had written instructions in English and Chinese.

She looked at the simple line on it and said in amazement, “It’s just one sentence, it says: Cancer patients, take one on an empty stomach every day, and you are taking it to cure, while also quickly helping the body to recover the vital energy ……”

“D^&n ……” Smith cursed, gritting his teeth, “I’ve never fcuking seen such an uncritical anti-cancer drug!”

“Even the bubble gum that kids eat has more instructions than this! There’s no fcuking credibility!”

After that, he said with contempt, “What the fcuk is the restoration of vital energy?”

“I hate this theory of vital energy and yin and yang, they are all sh!t in my eyes! Let’s just throw this box of garbage away!”

Jenny shook her head and said firmly, “No! I want to give it a try!”

Smith said offhandedly, “This medicine doesn’t even have ingredients, contraindications, and side effects written on it, it’s complete garbage, how can I give it to Jimmy directly?

Jenny said stubbornly: “It doesn’t matter if he wrote his stuff, what matters is that he wrote that it can cure cancer, and since it says so, I’m going to try it!”

Smith’s head was as big as a bucket, the contempt and disdain for traditional Oriental medicine in his bones made him really unwilling to let his son try this kind of medicine with no credibility in his own son’s last dying days.

But Jenny didn’t care about that anymore.

She is now like a drowning hopeless mother of a dying child, the box of drugs in her hand, then became her last straw!

So, she took out the pill that Smith had already opened, carefully held her son’s head, took off the respirator mask, and put the pill into his mouth.

Smith yelled out loud, “Are you crazy? You’re putting his oxygen mask now, he’s going to die!”

“And even if you want him to take this crap pill, you have to wait until he wakes up first, otherwise what if he chokes?”

Jenny couldn’t care less, she stuffed the pills into her son’s mouth, and then she was ready to take a little water from the bedside to help her son take it.

And when she got the water in her hand, she found that the pill went into her son’s mouth and disappeared immediately after.

After all, this is Charlie’s hand-made elixir, and it is also mixed with blood dispersal heart saving pills,

So the moment it enters the mouth, it reacts with saliva and immediately turns into pure medicinal liquid flowing down the patient’s throat into the abdomen.

Jenny smelled the smell of medicine emanating from her son’s mouth, then subconsciously muttered: “This pill melted quite fast ……”

Smith covered his forehead with one hand, disheveled incomparably said: “I really can’t believe that I have concentrated the world’s top anti-cancer technology to Jimmy’s body.”

“But at the end of his life, he is forced to take this so-called miracle medicine of unknown origin, which is really a shame to me!”