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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3756 Free Novel

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Smith at this time has cried red eyes, bean-sized tears crackling down.

He hesitated, but sighed and said, “Forget it …… and let him spend his last moments quietly …… I don’t want him to go through the torture again ……”

The doctor nodded with a heavy face and spoke, “Mr. Smith, you made an incredibly good decision, and I’m sure Jimmy will thank you for it.”

Smith choked up and asked, “Is he going to wake up?”

The doctor said, “We gave him a very small dose of sedative drugs, nothing unexpected, it should take another hour to wake up, your family can go in and spend more time with him.”

Smith nodded with red eyes, the doctor patted his shoulder and said comfortingly, “You can go in now, and I won’t bother your family here, if you have something to do, just press the call bell, I will come over immediately.”

“Okay ……”

With the doctor gone, the ICU, which originally had very high requirements for a sterile environment, was no longer following any restrictions, which meant that the patients in the ward had started to go with the flow.

Smith took his wife and daughter into the ward, the son on the bed was still unconscious, but it was clear that he was now in a very poor state, the whole person did not have a bit of blood, all pale and thin.

Smith’s wife lost some of her emotions, crying and spread out on the edge of the hospital bed, she held her son’s hand hard and choked, “Jimmy, promise mommy you must get better, mommy can’t live without you ……”

Smith quietly wiped a handful of tears and choked, “Jenny, we are losing Jimmy, you have to accept this reality ……”

“No ……” Jenny said shaking her head, “I won’t accept it! No one is going to take my son away from me, not even God!”

Smith said helplessly, “Jenny, we have exhausted all the solutions available in this world …… What better solution can you have if you don’t accept it?”

Jenny seems to be some crazy stubborn, said off the record: “My good friend knows a psychic! That psychic lives in Arizona, it is said that she is not only psychic but also proficient in some kind of Mexican deism, I’ll invite her over now!”

Saying that she immediately took out her cell phone.

Smith hurriedly stopped her and said, “You are a senior graduate of the University, how can you believe in psychics, something that has no scientific basis at all?

Jenny questioned him, “Then tell me! What do you think I should believe in!”

Smith did not think twice and said, “Of course I believe in modern medicine!”

Jenny pointed to her son in the hospital bed and cried, “Jimmy, he’s dying! You tell me, how can modern medicine save him? How!”

Smith covered his face, took a deep breath, and spoke, “If not for modern medicine, Jimmy may have been gone three years ago, and now the cancer cells in his body have covered his whole body,”

“And it is impossible for the best medical technology to save him, he is also my son, I also hope that a miracle could occur, but we still have to be realistic, otherwise, you may not be able to walk out of this life ……”

Jenny yelled like a mad person, “I don’t care!!! I don’t care about anything right now! I just want my son to live! So I can’t stay here and watch him die! We have to do something! If you don’t do it, then don’t stop me!”

Saying that, she remembered something and added: “I heard someone say that there is a Chinese doctor in Chinatown who is very good, I’ll get my friend to ask for contact information now!”

Smith also suddenly remembered Liang gave him the box of medicine, subconsciously said:

“Just someone gave me a box of Chinese medicine, really can try it, if this medicine does not work, you do not need to hire any Chinese doctor.”