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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3749 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3749 Start

Twenty minutes passed, but the other party still did not appear.

The public relations officer told him that the other party might take another twenty minutes or so.

Although Liang was a little anxious, but the mouth still agreed to sit down, but he did not expect that after waiting for an hour and a half, the other party still did not appear.

After waiting for two hours, the other party finally came late.

The public relations officer brought the other party to Liang and introduced, “Mr. Wei, this is Mr. James Smith.”

The one called James Smith was a middle-aged man in his forties, and when he saw Liang, he said with some embarrassment, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Wei, there’s something at home that I need to take care of.”

James Smith looked quite a bit lousy, his hair was a bit messy, the first button of his shirt had disappeared, leaving only a short thread, and the tie also seemed to have been ripped open, twisted, and wrapped in the suit.

Liang was a little surprised.

He felt that a person of Smith’s level was definitely a member of high society in the United States, and probably a member of some top circles, after all, he had a lot of power in his hands and a high social status.

Like this kind of people, all to a gentleman, so the personal instrument is very concerned, in dressing and behavior they are very careful, even a hair strand will not be messy, and this James Smith looks, like a down and out insurance salesman after getting off work.

This led Liang to speculate that he should have encountered something difficult.

Just because he realized that the other party might have really encountered a difficult matter of no small magnitude, he was not angry at all because of the other party’s tardiness.

On the contrary, he nodded very understandingly and politely said, “It’s okay Mr. Smith, I don’t have anything else to do, there’s no rush.”

“Thanks!” James Smith said thanks and smiled politely before sitting down in front of Liang.

After the two of them casually ordered some meals, James Smith asked Liang: “Mr. Wei came so far from China, is there something important?”

Liang smiled, “Our JX Pharmaceutical, Mr. Smith should have heard of it, right?”

“I’ve heard of it.” Smith nodded and said, “You have a drug under review by our FDA, right?”

“Yes.” Liang said, “The review cycle has passed for quite a long time, and it has not yet entered the next stage, so I would like to inquire if there is any way to speed up the process.”

Smith said with difficulty: “Now the FDA is very strict on the review of imported drugs, the process is really long, and I can’t tell you clearly, after going through all the process, whether it meets our standards, whether it can be approved for marketing.”

Liang explained, “Mr. Smith, this kind of medicine, its ingredients are very safe, there are no toxic side effects, and the efficacy is very good,”

“It can be said that the effect is immediate, could this kind of medicine also be refused to be listed by the FDA?”

Smith nodded and said: “We have been receiving drug applications from Eastern countries in recent years, and the vast majority of these medicine you said,”

“Not only from China, Japan, and South Korea have submitted a lot, but the vast majority were rejected.”

Liang asked in disbelief: “Why is this?”