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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3747 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3747 Start

Charlie, Hamid admired him to the core.

Not only because he cured his leg, and not only because he guided him to resist the attack of the Cataclysmic Front, but also because of his ability to easily turn the tide in a difficult situation.

Before this, this country is seeing battles frequently, the warring parties are fighting a lot, and with the intervention of the Cataclysmic Front, Hamid and his camp are also in danger.

However, after Charlie’s instruction, the two sides had actually ceased fire for a long time, and during this time, everyone was considered completely relieved.

Now, Charlie had re-installed the Cataclysmic Front and placed him in a collaborative defensive position, which just made up for the weak defensive problem on Sayid’s side.

You know, if this problem is not solved, the Sayid side in front of the huge survival as well as defensive pressure, will be more eager to destroy all the opposition.

And now, the addition of the Cataclysmic Front immediately gave them great relief from this mood.

And then, considering that the Cataclysmic Front had already pledged allegiance to Charlie, Hamid revered him even more in his heart.

At this moment, Charlie opened his mouth and asked Hamid: “By the way, the guys I had sent here the other day, how are they doing now?”

Hamid smiled and said, “They are digging fortifications in the mountain, including those friends of Miss Watt, I have organized them into the digging class, and they are responsible for doing hard labor at the front of the tunnel every day.”

As they were talking, they heard a sudden muffled sound from the interior of the nearby mountain, followed by an earthquake-like shaking of the mountain.

Hamid hurriedly explained: “Brother, this is the tunnel cannon digging it, in the stone wall to hit the eye and cannon, the blasted stone is taken out, and then with the placement of a good anchor, the tunnel is basically completed.”

Charlie nodded and laughed: “This place is really good, put people in this place do not have to worry about them running, even if they run ran it is impossible to run out alive.”

“Yes!” Hamid laughed: “This is surrounded by mountains, it’s really not easy to run out, and even the farmers around here are my people,”

“There are still my eyes everywhere, as long as you send people over, they take the head to ensure that they absolutely can not run away, and absolutely no one can find it here.”

Charlie smiled with satisfaction: “That’s good, in the future, if I meet any unscrupulous, I will send them over to you as free labor.”

Hamid patted his chest and promised: “Don’t worry, I’ll take as many as you can get!”

“Well.” Charlie nodded slightly, looked at the time, and said, “Okay, old brother, I still have to rush back to China, so I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll come back when I have the chance.”

Hamid was very reluctant to say: “Brother, at least have lunch before leaving? We can have a drink together! I bought some fine wine the other day, so I’m waiting for you to come and have a drink with you!”

Charlie smiled and said, “No, brother, I appreciate it, I still have more than four hours of flight back, and it will be nighttime when I arrive in China later,”

“I will come over often after the Cataclysmic Front has made a prototype of the base, so you and Joseph can also communicate more in private.”

Hamid had to nod and said, “Okay, since you are anxious to go back, then I will not keep you, next time you come, be sure to have a good drink!”


A few minutes later, Charlie returned to Beirut alone by helicopter.

When he arrived at the airport in Beirut and was ready to transfer to the Concorde to return home, he received a phone call from Joseph.