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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3745 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3745 Start

Charlie looked at Sayid and said with a smile, “Look, isn’t this also good?”

Sayid pursed his lips in silence for a moment, and then asked, “What about the captives?”

Charlie laughed: “This is simple, Joseph pays you compensation of ten thousand dollars per person, fifteen thousand people, that’s one hundred and fifty million dollars, with this money, it’s enough for you to expand the size of your army properly, and at the same time upgrade the weaponry.”

Joseph even thought that this matter would require more than one billion dollars to be settled, but he did not expect Charlie to promise the other party 150 million dollars.

Sayid obviously also has some disappointment, he also knows that Joseph is very rich, and has been thinking about whether to take this opportunity.

A fierce knock on Joseph, but 150 million dollars this amount, the less not less, but say more, is really not much.

So, he coughed twice and said: “Mr. Wade, the amount of $150 million, is not a little less? In addition, let us give a hundred square kilometers of land to the Cataclysmic Front.”

“The Cataclysmic Front must more or less give some rent, right? Otherwise, we can’t explain to the people ……”

Charlie said generously: “Let’s do it this way Sayid, you go back and talk to your leaders, in addition to the 150 million dollars of compensation, after you allocate the land to the Cataclysmic Front, the Cataclysmic Front will give you another 100,000 tons of wheat every year!”

“Isn’t it too convenient for you to buy grain? I happen to have my own shipping company, when the time comes, I will purchase grain in China and deliver and serve you directly to your port.”

Charlie knew that for Sayid as well as their leaders, the problem at hand was more than war, and it was a basic livelihood.

Originally, they were the only grain exporter in the Middle East, but the ongoing war had led to a steady decline in their grain production, and the shortage of grain had become a big problem for them.

One hundred thousand tons of wheat, whose cost is just over two hundred million yuan, converted into dollars is less than forty million, but for them, to go overseas to import food is not the same price.

Besides, their current financial situation is so bad that giving them a solution of 100,000 tons of wheat a year can really be of great use to them, and feeding more than 200,000 people is not a problem.

Sayid in his heart after running through all the conditions, deep inside has made his own judgment, he felt that this deal is very good value, and for his side, not only get a lot of benefits, but also a strong ally, it is definitely a good thing.

And he also knew very well that he was able to capture the 10,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, and not how strong his own ability, but completely rely on the help of Charlie.

So, at this time, he was too embarrassed to continue bargaining with Charlie, so he spoke: “Mr. Wade, I need to ask the leadership, if the leadership is okay, this matter is settled!”

Sayid took his satellite phone and stepped out of the conference room that was inside the mountain.

On the phone, he gave his leader the whole feedback of the situation.

The terms of the Cataclysmic Front’ coordinated defense, help in training soldiers, and the initiative to reside in the buffer zone made Sayid’s leaders very satisfied.

After all, this could really enhance their security very well, as well as ease their current anxiety.

The compensation of 150 million dollars and the terms of 100,000 tons of wheat per year made him even more delighted.

Moreover, there is a bonus clause attached to this, that is, the actual neutrality of Hamid.

Hamid is now in the opposition, the strongest one in terms of overall strength, if he does not initiate the attack, then the pressure on the government forces to defend will also be much easier.

Therefore, he immediately clapped on the phone and agreed to Charlie’s terms.

Sayed got the go-ahead and returned to the conference room with great joy and immediately said to Charlie as well as Joseph: “Mr. Wade, Mr. Wan, our leader has agreed to the terms just now, if there are no other problems, please come with me to Damascus to sign the agreement!”

Charlie looked at the time and smiled, “I have to rush back to China, so I won’t go with you.”

After saying that, he said to Joseph, “Joseph, you go and set the specific terms with them as well as when and how to pay, and also when to release the people,”

“As for the grain issue you don’t need to worry about it, let them see in which port it is more appropriate to receive the goods, then I will directly arrange the cargo ship to send the grain over.”

Joseph said, “Mr. Wade, how can I let you worry about the food, let me take care of it!”

Charlie waved his hand: “100,000 tons of grain is nothing to you and me, I have a ready-made shipping company, local friends are also cooperative, when the time comes, whether the acquisition or shipping should be relatively simple, so you do not need to get involved,”

“They gave you the land, you must also spend a lot of financial resources, material resources, and energy to build, you just take care of this piece, it’s fine.”