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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3743 Free Novel

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In addition, the great changes in that Middle Eastern country in recent days really made Sayid as well as his leaders worried.

However, when Charlie suddenly said that he could let the Cataclysmic Front help them collaborate in defense, Sayid’s first thought was that it was impossible.

He couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Wade, last time we met, it was you yourself who said that for the Front, the only situation that would be in the best interest is for our land to be constantly wounded and bleeding,”

“And now you are asking us to cooperate with them and have them come to assist us in defense, isn’t that a bit inconsistent?”

Charlie smiled blandly: “I naturally won’t deny what I said before, and I still hold this view, for the Cataclysmic Front, the more turbulent you are, the more they can benefit from it,”

“But have you ever thought that for you, the situation has changed drastically, before you conquered all the way and broke through the opposition,”

“Including Hamid, was the opposition, wasn’t defeated by you and could only cower and linger.”

But now you know the situation, you have seen the changes here, with Hamid’s level of defense, if he continues to oppose you, you are completely helpless to take him, not to mention that many of his colleagues who are like-minded with him, are desperately copying his work,”

“And when they build a solid defensive base in the mountains, your situation will be even worse.”

“If you want to attack, you will definitely not be able to attack; if you want to defend, you have no danger in the city, so your situation will only become more and more passive.”

Sayid’s expression was very grave when he heard this.

Since Hamid won two defensive battles, it showed the way for the other opposition, and it was also those two battles that made Sayid and his leaders understand that offensive battles are simply too difficult to fight,”

“One or two battles can not down the target is a small matter, their own casualties led to a large number of military disillusionment, this is the most difficult problem.

In such a war, just need to last another two or three times, the soldiers in the army will certainly be fearful of attacking the war to the extreme, and then later, no one dares to fight the attacking war.

Such a situation, for them, is indeed extremely passive.

Charlie saw that he did not speak, the corners of his mouth smiled and continued: “My idea is actually very simple, tens of thousands of soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, a large part of the weekdays they are on overseas on missions,”

“But usually still need a fixed base to meet their life, training and rest and preparation, so I want to represent the Cataclysmic Front, to negotiate a solution with you.”

Although Sayid did not speak, but his eyes kept looking at Charlie, seemingly waiting for his content behind.

When Charlie saw this, he opened his mouth and said, “First of all, you provide the Cataclysmic Front with one hundred square kilometers of land as a rear base,”

“And in return, the Cataclysmic Front will help you train your soldiers without interruption, in addition to collaborating in defense when you receive an attack;”

Speaking of this, Charlie gave a slight beating and lamented, “I don’t think I need to point out how poor your soldiers’ training level is,”

“I don’t think I need to break it, the equipment itself is not good, if the training can’t keep up, your situation will only become more and more embarrassing.”

Sayid’s expression changed slightly, Charlie’s words, also did speak to the sore spot they had been in.

The overall combat level of the grassroots soldiers was very crotchety and was the key reason for their repeated defeats.

After all, their overall military level is very poor, the level of officers is not good, the level of trained soldiers is naturally even worse.

Charlie continued: “army combat power, in my opinion, generally depends on three aspects, first of all, naturally, the level of weapons and equipment,”

“Followed by the level of management to develop strategic tactics, and last but not least, the strength of the single soldier combat,”

“The level of single soldier combat of the Cataclysmic Front, you must have heard of it, I believe that with if they help you train your soldiers, in a short time, the level of your soldiers will have a qualitative change.”

Sayid’s face suddenly had a look of longing that could not be suppressed.