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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3736 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3736 Start

When Charlie arrived at the villa, Liang hurriedly opened the two mobile thermal boxes, and then handed Charlie two pieces of brick-sized, black, and zero-degree temperature medicinal mud, and respectfully said,

“Master Wade, these two are the medicinal mud we have made, take a look.”

The prescriptions provided by Charlie basically needed to be autoclaved in a reactor and then purified by a centrifuge.

The purified drug essence is this black mud and emits a strong medicinal fragrance.

Some pills are basically rolled directly into pills of different sizes.

If the medicine tastes too bitter, the mud is usually dried first, then in the production line, the medicine is wrapped with a layer of sugar coating made of tablets, such as the most common vitamin C silver warp tablets, etc.

Charlie took some of each of the two medicinal mud, crushed it at his fingertips and smelled it, nodded with satisfaction, and said,

“These two medicines are very well made, remember to send a red packet to the team working overtime.”

Liang breathed a sigh of relief and busily said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go back and give everyone a red packet ……”

Saying that, he added: “Right Master Wade, the cost of this medicine of solid gold life renewal pill is really too high, all precious herbs, just to try out this piece of clay, it used nearly 100,000 yuan of herbs ……”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “For this kind of medicine, the requirements of the herbs themselves are very high, the cost must be high too,”

“In the future, if this medicine is to be marketed, I’m afraid it is the same as an expensive pill, only those rich people can afford to eat.”

Liang sighed: “This is the law of business, but also the reality of the situation, just like the luxury cars that are often millions of dollars,”

“The cost of materials and brand value piled up there, itself is for the rich, ordinary people simply do not have the opportunity.”

Charlie sighed: “It is indeed the law of business, and there is nothing to do about it.”

Saying that, he also said to Liang: “Liang, solid gold life-sustaining powder this medicine, you also try to make a batch out first, as JX Pharmaceutical’s high-end tonic medicine into the market,”

“As for the price, naturally, we have to set a higher, domestic retail price to more than ten times the expected total cost, for foreign market make it more than twenty times.”

“After the production can be given to some high-end customers to try, to see their reaction, if they are very urgent demand for this drug, then the price can also be appropriated up again.”

This point is not Charlie’s evil heart, but the selling price of high-end drugs, itself has a very high premium component, especially high-end tonic medicine are also ridiculously expensive.

Although the fever of wormwood has dropped a lot over the years, but the price has not dropped at all, high-end wormwood, a gram of the selling price is more expensive than gold.

As for the ginseng and antler, the same thing.

Liang naturally understood this business logic and said to Charlie without hesitation, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will start making a batch of samples immediately after I return.”

He said that and then continued: “Master Wade, I suggest that we do not make it medicine, but a health product because the censorship system of health products is much more relaxed. That way the degree of freedom will be higher.”

Charlie nodded: “Let’s do as you say.”

Liang asked him, “Master Wade, what should we call this health product?”

Charlie thought about it and said offhand, “Let’s call it JX Solid Gold Powder! Make capsules after thoroughly drying and powdering the medicinal mud, and market it as a high-end health product.”