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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3733 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3733 Start

Douglas was surprised and asked, “Is there anything between heaven and earth that you, Qinghua, cannot calculate?”

Qinghua said seriously, “I can’t calculate anything that is higher than me.”

Douglas said: “Hey not like that, you said before, your fate is what the anaconda has, I am what the tortoise, but between each is not bigger than other, so my nature is not higher than you huh……”

Qinghua blandly laughed: “It’s not that you are higher than me, it’s that this Pill is higher than me.”

“Grass!” Douglas could not help but burst out a foul mouth, gritted his teeth, and said,

“Okay! Then I’ll arrange for someone to go back to China and see if I can get information about the Rejuvenating Pill!”

At the same time, the cathedral of the Nordic capital city of Oslo.

Helena, dressed in the robe of a holy white empress, stood in front of the archbishop in the presence of the world and began to receive the solemn and sacred coronation ceremony.

The aged archbishop invited Helena to the throne in the center of the cathedral platform, and many men and women in court dress and holding scepters stood in orderly arrangement on the platform.

The chancellor of the Nordic kingdom, the president of the heraldic court, the minister of ceremonies, and other important players, also dressed in grand costumes have come on stage.

After these people ascended the stage, they stood in the four directions of the church, east, west, north, and south.

At this moment, the archbishop recited the prayer with the Bible in his hand, and then asked them one by one:

“Gentlemen, I hereby solemnly introduce to you Helena Alexander Iliad, our new queen, and you are to serve her from this moment on, are you willing to do so?”

Without hesitation, the crowd nodded and solemnly replied, “I do!”

The archbishop turned to Helena, who was sitting in the center, and asked her, “Do you solemnly and solemnly pledge that you will rule all the kingdoms of Northern Europe and all the people on it?”

With a solemn face, Helena said, “I do!”

The archbishop nodded and asked her again, “Do you then wish to do all that is in your power and ability, so that law and justice, in all your judgments, maybe mercifully carried out?”

Again Helena said solemnly, “I do!”

The archbishop asked again, “Are you willing, then, to do all in your power and ability to maintain the law of God and the teaching of the Gospel?”

“Are you willing, to the best of your ability and strength, to uphold the doctrine established by law and the authority given to bishops and clergy by law?”

Without hesitation, Helena blurted out, “I am willing to comply with all the above requirements and to do everything in my power to fulfill all my promises, please God bless me!”

The archbishop himself then placed a brilliant crown on her head and handed her a scepter made from the tusks of a narwhal.

At the same time, four other female attendants carefully draped a luxurious golden robe over her shoulders.

After all this, the archbishop said respectfully, “Your Majesty, you are now the new Queen of the Nordic Kingdom, may God bless you and may God bless the Nordics people!”

Thunderous applause erupted on the scene.

At this point, Helena’s coronation ceremony had officially ended.

From this moment on, she officially became the new Queen of Northern Europe, and the old Queen who was just sparing no effort to promote the Rejuvenating Pill on the stage, had also officially bid farewell to the Queen’s throne.

Helena on the stage, like the stars, is not only glowing, but also beautiful.

The way she holds the scepter and smiles, with full dignity and atmosphere, which is very incompatible with her age of more than twenty years.

It is also this light and calm performance that has won her the goodwill of almost everyone.