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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3732 Free Novel

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As for freezing technology is even more bull5hit.

There is no certainty that a person can be revived successfully after years of freezing.

This option is like putting the unknown on hold and leaving it to the future to solve.

If there is a way to resurrect him in the future, he will be awakened from the freeze.

If there is no way to resurrect him in the future, then he may stay frozen until the end of the world.

It was because of the multiple directions of investment, there was no substantial breakthrough, that Douglas was more eager for Qinghua’s chance.

Only, how could he have expected that Qinghua’s secret would sound so ridiculous?

However, Qinghua’s tone was not at all like a joke, so he looked at it squarely and asked seriously,

“Qinghua, you and I have been close friends for many years, I only ask you one question, is this matter, really so?”

Qinghua said with certainty, “It’s really true!”

Douglas fell into deep doubt, muttered: “This …… how is this possible …… what medicine can achieve this effect ……”

Qinghua said, “I think this may be the wisdom left by the old ancestors.”

Douglas seriously said, “Qinghua, I’m not going to lie, I really don’t quite believe it ……”

Said, Douglas and hurried to explain: “I have invested in a lot of pharmaceutical industry over the years,”

“This line of business I really considered to understand quite deeply, there is one thing I feel extremely deeply,”

“That is, Chinese medicine is too much behind Western medicine!”

“Other than that, Chinese medicine has been developed for so many years, but it cannot detect and treat tumors in the body,”

“And the diagnosis of cancer all over the world relies on modern medical imaging technology and in vivo testing.

“But all the Chinese doctors who say they can cure cancer, I have used all kinds of means to verify, and finally proved that they are all liars without exception.”

“And organ transplantation, the entire Chinese medicine is completely devoid of any system and knowledge related to organ transplantation,”

“The only ‘organ transplantation’ information that can be found is still the mythical story of Lu Judges on the Liaozhai Zhiyi to give Zhu Er Dan a new heart and his wife a new head ……”

“So you are now telling me that there is a miracle drug that can be taken to make people twenty years younger, I really …… just can’t figure it out ……”

Qinghua listened patiently and then asked him, “Douglas, you have always believed in the old wisdom of divinity left behind by the old ancestors, why do you prefer not to believe in the medical art left behind by them?”

Douglas said awkwardly, “I believe in the old divinity because I have a master like you by my side, I have benefited a lot from you in my life,”

“As a personal beneficiary, I naturally believe in it, but the medical arts …… I am not going to hide from you, I have not had any personal experience that convinces me ……”

Qinghua smiled faintly: “So, I say this is a great chance, the Rejuvenating Pill is not a mortal product, not who wants it can get, you believe in the Rejuvenating Pill or not,”

“In fact, these are not important, the important thing is, whether you and the Rejuvenating Pill have fate, otherwise even if you believe in it, but you do not have fate with it, you are still begging for it.”

Douglas was busy saying, “Just! Better to kill a mistake than to let it go! Qinghua, I want to know, how can I get this Rejuvenating Pill?”

Qinghua said indifferently, “I don’t know, that’s all I can tell you, as for where and how to find the Rejuvenating Pill, I can’t help you at all, it’s all up to you.”

Douglas asked, “Qinghua, can you please help me divine the fortune again to see if I have a destiny with this Pill or not.”

Qinghua laughed lightly and said, “I can’t calculate this.”