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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 373 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 373 Start

At this time, Claire, Charlie and Jacob had just had lunch at home.

When Charlie went to the kitchen to clean up his dishes as usual, he suddenly received a call from Zhovia.

As soon as the call was connected, Zhovia answered shamefully: “Mr. Wade, what are you doing?”

“At home.” Charlie said lightly and asked: “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with?”

Zhovia said, “I want to call and report something to you.”

“Say it.”

Zhovia hurriedly said: “That’s right. Yesterday Junwei Gao and Fredmen both ran to my grandfather’s Clinic and asked him for treatment. My grandfather didn’t know that Fredmen had offended you, so he almost gave him the half of the medicine you gave him last time!”

Charlie asked curiously: “Why? Does your family have a good relationship with Fredmen? How could your grandfather give him such a precious medicine?”

Charlie knew very well in his heart that in Tianqi’s mind, the magic medicine he gave was regarded as a treasure, and it was as important as fate.

No one will give such an important thing to someone who doesn’t know or has a normal relationship.

Zhovia hurriedly said: “My grandfather and Fredmen’s father were like brothers. The two have a relationship for many years, so the two also have a relationship for many years.”

Having said that, Zhovia told Charlie the causes and consequences of his grandfather and the Willson family for so many years.

After Charlie heard it, he realized that the Willson family was actually the benefactor who helped Tianqi back then.

And Tianqi’s ability to repay the kindness of Willson’s family for so many years because of a little favor back then made him somewhat admired.

What made him more satisfied was that Tianqi was able to distinguish right from wrong, and for his own sake, he did not hesitate to break with the Willson family.

Although Charlie is the young master of Eastcliff’s top family, he left the family with his father when he was very young and ran around to survive. After his father died unexpectedly, he could only survive in the orphanage and tasted the warmth of the world.

It was also in the orphanage that Charlie developed the character of knowing and repaying kindness.

Aunt Lena from the orphanage helped him. Even if she suffered all the insults, sarcasm and personal attacks from the Willson family, he asked the Old Mrs. Willson for help and loaned money to Aunt Lena to treat her illness;

Claire helped him, and even if she couldn’t look down on the poor Willson family, and his wonderful pair of fathers-in-law, he would not leave Claire.

It is precisely because he is the person who knows the gratitude that he has a better impression of Tianqi.

It seems that Tianqi will surely become his loyal follower in the future.

Since Tianqi is so loyal, he should give him a little advantage.

Thinking of this, Charlie decided to go to Tianqi’s Clinic in the afternoon and give him another medicine that he refined last time.

That time, Charlie refined 30 medicines in one go, sent a gave away medicines, and more than 20 medicines are still with him.

For him, this medicine is almost at his fingertips, and it has no practical effect on people who practice the Nine Profound Sky Secrets and have spiritual energy in their bodies, so giving him one is almost zero cost.

Moreover, Charlie also hoped to let people like Aurous Hill know that he was a person with distinct rewards and punishments.

You must be punished if you do bad things!

However, if it is done, it is even more rewarding!

Tianqi did a good job this time, so he will go to reward him in the afternoon with the magic medicine he dreamed of.

So Charlie asked Zhovia: “Is your grandpa in Clinic this afternoon?”

“Yes.” Zhovia asked excitedly, “Mr. Wade, are you coming?”